Can anyone help me.... where to move?  

Musicalbassist 31M
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7/4/2006 5:43 pm

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7/15/2006 1:18 am

Can anyone help me.... where to move?

I want to move to a good, major, prosperous city! I am seriously considering SF so if anyone can tell me about San fransisco that would be good. I def am moving to Sydney for perminant residence but i dun like the universities over there so im waiting to get my degree! any advice would be cool on this subject. Californication right!

rm_AnOddGirl 57F
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7/11/2006 8:35 pm

FYI, Cali got quakes, and those you can't see coming!!!!

Musicalbassist 31M
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7/14/2006 6:33 am

Quakes don't bother me lol

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