What am I doing here?  

MusicMan81970 46M
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7/7/2006 3:53 am
What am I doing here?

I started my membership more than one year ago, but was then sort of annoyed when I saw that everything interesting costs money in here
During that time I was travelling a lot throughout Germany or even Europe - that was my job. I was sitting in clean and cold hotel rooms somewhere between London and Vienna, horny and lonesome ... oh no, it was not that bad. But I do regret that I didn't use AdultFriendFinder more in these days ...
Since two or three weeks ago I remembered this nearly forgotten account and reactivated it. I even purchased a silver membership to see all you beautiful and interesting profiles, girls!
One thing really pissing me off: it costs you a second or two to send a short message telling me you are not interested - so why you just don't do it ??? And don't tell me it's too much mails - in my job I receive some hundred emails a day some time, and I cannot afford just ignoring them...
Well it's not all of you anyway - thanks to all the girls who answer my messages, regardless whether they say "yes" or "no" ... .
So how many "yes"-mails did I get so far? That will be the topic of my next entry


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