September 4  

Muse35 47F
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9/4/2006 6:11 pm
September 4

Well lets see......nothing much interesting going on, the IPE (Interior Provincial Exhibition) was interesting, the logging show was good (couple of cuties doing the performing but again it was all an act thus the "performing") I didn't make it into the beer parlor, otherwise i'm sure I would of definitely seen some cuties!
I'm starting on month 10 of no physical intercourse (part of the self clensing ritual that i started back in November of last year)not sure what i'm going to do when month 12 hits.
No word on the examination that i'm supposed to do for this gentlemen but as soon as I have more conversations with him i'll let you know.
Home front has calmed for a bit but am expecting an up roar this week as I'm heading to my daughter's school to meet with her resource teacher also planning on meeting up with the x (no he doesn't know that I plan on meeting with him)I never underestimate him, as he's like nitro (you never know when he'll go over the edge and explode)
Seems like all i've done lately is work, even on my days off (we're doing some rearranging at home to make accomidations for my teenager just in case) which means that i'll be painting on my days off and organizing.
Usually my time is spent thus: work 5 graveyards, my 1st day "off" is 50% shot due to sleeping, then i'm usually off one full day...the next two days I could be working out in the community or I could be off (depending on how much that i've bitched/bugged scheduling) then after those 2 days i'm off for one more day and then the next day i spend half of it sleeping in preperation for work. Now during my work week i come home around 7:30 in bed by 9 and up between 4-5 pm eat, shower pack my lunch get ready and off for coffee around 8 or 9 then to work at 11pm and so repeats for the next 4 days. This week coming up I have an extra day in there so its doubtful that i will be working at all during my 4 days off as I have my kids...such is life...a never ending circle of repeats!

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