May 5th  

Muse35 48F
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5/5/2006 8:58 am
May 5th

I know i've been slacking in blogging as of late but i'm really pushing biology as that i have a deadline for - June 26th is when i write the provincial.....scary stuff but enjoyable none the less.....
After having almost finished this course and seeing how complex our bodies are its no wonder that men and women are confused by the actions of each other, there are at any given time millions upon millions of reactions occuring in our body and they all relate to one another - like a row of domino's lined hits one and so on down the line....
It boggles my mind to think of the smallest molecule/enzyme interacting with another and to think that everything we eat/consume/drink basically put in our body in the way of eating, breathing, drinking has some form of a chemical reaction with the enzymes in our body...blows my mind away.....the next chapter i'm dealing with is reproduction yeah i think i'm really gonna enjoy doing that one it stands now i'm still on the look out for those interested in experimenting

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