May 22nd 2006  

Muse35 47F
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5/22/2006 7:10 pm
May 22nd 2006

After a very busy albeit enjoyable weekend with my kids i am in a house with silence my tattered nerves can now be soothed and what i'd dearly love and give my eye teeth for is a deep tissue massage, but alas that isn't going to happen.
Its raining and although that is great for the ground and keeping the fire season at bay it is not my favorite outdoor activity.
Alberta drivers have got to be THE worst out there, come on folks i mean seriously do you HAVE to put the brakes on at each corner you encounter?
Alberta drivers for the most part don't know the meaning of SLOW DOWN or what a speed limit is....
good thing i wasn't the one driving lol
I can honestly say that i am looking forward to summer greatly looking forward to it especially the hot weather
Summer....ah yes the prime season of skinny dippin and nude sunbathing
Oh well back to the grind tomorrow night.....

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