July 22nd  

Muse35 47F
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7/22/2006 12:19 pm
July 22nd

Well.....went to the nude beach in kamloops again...and this time got burned for my efforts lol literally an all over burn.....but i think i faired ok considering the best friend got burnt on his neither regions (sorry M just had to)
The beach was wonderful but very very hot...and i ended up having two white patches on my ass cheeks because after putting sunscreen on the drivin shoulder to ward off a deep blistering burn ...you know the rest of the story....
Now for those of you out there that haven't been to a nude beach for fear of those nasty little voices in your head telling you that you're not worthy, throw them out!
Cuz folks the people that go to these beaches are there for one thing....to worship the sun work on their tans and relax they aren't concerned with what YOUR body looks like, they usually say hi and are comfortable with their body, which after all is really all its about, being comfortable in your own skin. If you haven't tried a nude beach please do if only to shed those nasty preconcieved notions.
We're all there for one thing....the sun and no tan lines, we're all normal thinking folks and hey if you do see me out there....say hi!
I'm hoping to hit the nude beach next week in kamloops (have to get it in as much as i can before my kids come back for the next two week stint)
Till next time.........

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