July 17th  

Muse35 47F
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7/17/2006 9:39 pm
July 17th

Well the kids went home......and mom finally got some much needed r & r at the nude beach in kamloops. Have to tell you though i wasn't too sure if i could get naked infront of my best friend. You see my best friend likes women skinny and i'm not exactly that kind and i know its kind of a backwards way of thinking but i succeeded no biggie, which in the back of my mind i knew that it wasn't going to be, after all he's accepted me thus far right? However the kicker in all this was getting him to take a couple of pictures of me to compare to last year...now then...those of you who have chatted with me in the bc room on this site will know that i joined up with Curves in Feb of this year...i have been faithfully going 3 times a week and the last couple of months have been going 4 times a week. The reccomended time is 3 times a week, but because i now crave this i go 4 times and by fall i'd like to up that to 5 times.
I honestly didn't think that loosing 10" would make that big of a difference...however over all it has which pleases me emensily because i really haven't lost any significant amount of weight just inches.
I don't feel it in my clothes....they all fit still albeit not as snuggly....so i'm a bit excited at the prospect of what i'm going to look like next year

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