July 13/14  

Muse35 47F
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7/13/2006 11:49 pm
July 13/14

Wow almost half way through july.....well lets see whats new with me....i've had a busy 2 weeks although still sexless ......i've had my kids for the past two weeks and have been kept busy with them or rather they have kept me on my toes. I love them to death when they come to visit but it usually takes at least 3 days of adjusting them to my schedule before things level out and get on an even keel.
I am definately looking forward to some r & r by myself to make up for the time spent with them (and i say this in a good way as they are little energy drainers thus the nic name that i give them - Klingons)
Once again i had to rebid into my position only this time i bid on all the positions including the one i'm in now, i hope that fate sees fit to put me into a different time slot as now i've got the exercising part down and would really like to experiment with the time and my metabolism.

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