January 26th  

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1/26/2006 7:42 am

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January 26th

Seeing as i've not blogged for a few days now this may be a long one with a few rants n raves mixed in. To start things off there was an office dinner where i work this last week, I was supposed to go but didn't really want to and didn't really know why i didn't want to (figured it out a couple days later thus the blog) My true nature keeps coming through to the surface of me i usually know the reasoning why i don't do something but sometimes it takes me a bit to figure it out. I didn't want to go because simply put I can't be fake, I can't lie, and I certainly can't cheat. So this said I can't be nice to people I know lie, my boss being one, and I know people have reasons for lying (covering their ass, saving their hide ect ect ect) for me even something as simple as a little white lie (as in my significant other doesn't know i'm doing this) goes against my grain, the older I get the worse it gets in me but at least i know my nature right?
And i've tried to follow my gut instinct on dealings with people, tried to figure out why they are lying, tried to figure out why the men act the way they do. Having sat in the chat room and observed the actions of men its hard not to lable them certain terms or lables.....basically put men (as with women) give other men/women bad names. Have one bad experience people tend to look at the next expierence with a little more caution, this can be said about any number of topics ranging from STD's to Marriage. I try and take each individual as such not to lable them (but man its hard, hard not to look at a guy and go man do you remind me of such n such, or try not to look deep into my boss's eyes and call her the liar that she is)
I can't say as i'm a jealous person, rarely does that happen (mostly cuz there's not that much to be jealous of out there) There will always be more men than women (birth rates show this, think it has something to do with men dying earlier) There will always be someone who looks better, earns more, lives better, but there is only one me.
To this i must add that those friends that are closest to me know that i treasure them and each day i'm alive.
I truely am blessed .......

LilSquirt_4mfm 67M/67F
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1/26/2006 10:35 am

Muse .. Hiya

Just wanted to say hi, ... and say how much i appreciate your presence in the chat room .... U treat everyone right ... and set a great example for others.

There are lots of men there for sure .... lots of clods ... but a few "goodies" ..... and you know who the goodies are i bet.

Anyhow .. Hi and Wishing You all BEST

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