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January 12

Ever realize how small the world is? I remember reading or recieving an email one time of an experiment that a school teacher had given to her students. The assignment/experiment was thus: each student was to email 5 people that they knew, those 5 people were then to email 5 people that they knew. The one condition on this experiemnt/assignment was that out of the 5 people that those 5 people knew there couldn't be any cross references. This experiement was to go world wide and eventually end back in the students email thus they could track the email to see where it had went then mark those places on the map in the classroom.
So with this in mind i wondered what the chances or odds were that i'd run into someone on this site that either knew my family or knew me from before. Well i've been on the net four years.......the last two is when these two occurances happened. I started chatting with someone who i had a hunch knew my family and the other that i had known when i was with my x husband. That being said it was a bit disturbing but after all aren't we all adults on this site? Sex is a human need/want/desire for all of us and the bottom line is that it makes us feel better. I personally look for the chemistry/attraction/intelligence factor when i meet someone, and yes folks i do go through a check list in my head. And usually within twenty mins of meeting someone one on one i can usually tell if it will pan out or not (again goes back to the non verbal body language mentioned earlier) Its all good though, always good to meet others and see the world through their eyes .......till tomorrow

crazycanadian_28 39M

1/13/2006 2:20 am

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