January 11th  

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1/11/2006 10:14 am

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January 11th

Well now.....today is shaping up to be a fine day! After heading to bed at 2 am i get a phone call from work......a sick call.......which i didn't take i rarely take the sick calls.......specially with that little sleep, plus i've put in 3 yrs with this company given them my blood, sweat and tears! and i've gotten frustration, lies and some really good times back.
My best friend is male....which i'm finding out isn't all that abnormal seems that there are lots of people out there that have best friends of the opposite gender. In many ways this has helped me to somewhat get an understand of the male species (sounds like i'm disecting all the men don't it, putcha under my microscope then examine ya from top to bottom). Men truely are wonderful creatures, even the really rotten ones and always ALWAYS have a hidden agenda (or so he says) i think we all have hidden agenda's and i think that we all to some extent when we meet someone, take that person and put them in a category (such as friend, possible lover even possible mate).
I try not to put people in categories but try and see them as the "whole" person they are and after all everyone has purpose to life, some just more than others. Now getting back to the begining....work....there aren't many men that are in my line of work and those that are are very kind very caring individuals however they are discriminated against (unusual huh?) but true... in working with the elderly these male care givers are NOT requested for because most of the population is elderly females who don't want men lookin at them. Which brings me to preconcieved notions and society's view on the way we see sex. Men are always on the hunt for sex in one form or another (be it vaginal, anal or oral) thats always the end result with them (goes back to the caveman days) women on the other hand are wanting the companionship, nurturing and compassion (do we see this is in men? sometimes) when it comes to women having a relationship with women its a totally different relationship than one that is a man/woman relationship....women understand each other.....men are just getting the grasp of a woman.....i know that i've helped my best friend in knowing a woman better and he has helped me in trying to figure out men......i've still got a long way to go so bare with me on that one.......too many men too little time

Jemsweet 45F

1/11/2006 2:02 pm

Way too many men!

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