April 5 th  

Muse35 47F
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4/5/2006 8:55 am
April 5 th

Ever wonder where people come up with their nic names? I do especially with some of them that I see come into the chat room or when i'm searching. This happens in life as well. Everyone i'm sure has heard of "Seymore Butts" the famous porn actor/director, who now has his own T.V. show called "Family Business" someone once asked him one time what his biggest regret was in all his years in the business. His response was that he didn't choose the right stage name, and if he had to do it over again he wouldn't have chosen Seymore Butts.
Now then that being said, how many of you out there put any thought into what your nic name would be when you signed up here? Some nics are quite obvious stating plainly what they seek, some are more ambigious fading into the wallpaper or background, and some are just reflective of the person. I can think of some cute nic names that i've seen on certain sites "iswearshewas18officer""hairynuts""warmfuzzys" i personally think that the cuter the nic the more fun the person is going to be but with not all nics are that revealing, because like the book we cannot judge a book by its cover SO that being said who's hiding what, where and whom behind their name? Me personally I am reflective of mine, I have been known to inspire great things in myself and others. Which in greek mythology (your history lesson for the day) was true and purposeful for the reason of mortals having use's for muses. There were 9 of them each specializing in a form of creativity - art, music (thus the mus in music) and so on......I truely do love having adapted my persona to a muse, it is delightful and i have recieved so very much more than what i have given. On that note.......till tomorrow..

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