April 16th  

Muse35 48F
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4/16/2006 7:27 pm
April 16th

Thinking ahead to summer.....ah yes summer a time when the freedom happens to spend some time on a beach with no clothes on the sun beating down on your back and warming you.......I CAN'T fricken wait.....
I always try to set goals for myself and once again i've set some for me personally....those of you who are regular readers to my blogs know that I am a person of intencity(sp?) truth and passion, basically i speak what i think regardless of what society thinks. Now this is somewhat a delicate balance between the two (after all no one wants to be thought of as a freak even though i've heard that i am lol)
Is it freaky to want to pleasure two men at the same time and by doing so recieve emmense pleasure yourself? Is it freaky to want to taste the delicate flavor of a woman's musky scent? I don't honestly beleive that we can define what is: freaky, weird, abnormal or whatever because society has no set standards, sure there are some, you know not to go out in public in the nude cuz there are gonna be consequences.....but really don't we all just crave to break societys rules now and then?

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