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10/20/2005 8:46 pm

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Well, first entry of a blog is always a painful thing, but I will do my best to make sure it isn't too silly.

Talk a bit about how I met my late wife, I guess.

Her parents and mine moved into the same neighborhood before we were both born. I was born in December of that year and she was born in June.

I can't remember ever going through the whole "girls are icky" stage with her in particular, although she seemed a lot different in some ways than other girls.

Anyway, the first time I remember meeting her was when we ended up playing with her sandbox and she told me that my sand mound was takign too much of the sand. But when I dug the tunnels out, I told her she could have that sand.

She and I build huge mounds of sand and dug tunnels though them all day that day. That became a popular thing for us to do together in her sandbox for years.

As an aside, a few years later at the beach, she and I build a sand castle that had, if I remember correctly, 11 tunnels through it and was taller than either of us at the time. Her Dad helped us mound the sand, but we did the digging.

Well, that is my first blog entry. Try to make an entry tomorrow as well.

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