Caffeine Required to Rebooty  

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8/19/2005 6:29 am

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Caffeine Required to Rebooty

LOL!.. yup I need some coffee, just typed in the title made an interesting typo, said bugger it and let it sit.

I think this is gonna be one of those days where I could get stopped by a cop for jay walking and I tell the cop to do things with his ticket book that would take a team of clydesdales to remove from various uncomfortable places on their person. I could be wrong because as I sit here and type I keep re-reading the title and just chuckling away. gotta love how life throws you curve balls once in a while that make you sit back and go hmmm.

Last night had a bit of the barley, ok there were only 5 pitchers on the table and I drank one for one with the 3 other guys, I was sober they werent. Now I know Im not the heavyest guy around, 210lbs and little to jiggle, but 2 others are the same weight. I could have poured the other 3 into a wheel barrow and they would have found the hole in the bootom and leaked out. Still it was a fun night, laughed, tossed the bullshit, drank, smoked, hmm missed one thing last night, WE FORGOT THE WOMEN. Darn I knew something was missing, oh well gonna have to keep doing it until we get it right.

No poor little me is not hung over, hung up maybe, not hung over, I learned back in my college days how much water to drink and when to avoid the pasties and swelled head.

Hmm only 5 days to the AUG 23 Get together at 7pm at the bar on Hunt club and Uplands Dr. Be safe take the 87 bus and let someone else drive.

Ther you go Marie100, a quick plug for the bye-weakly meet and greet.

Hmm I wonder how much more I could put in here before I think I have lost my mind and decide to smack myself for being wordy and very very very disjointed.

COFFEE HAS ARRIVED !!!! Yippie Kye Aye ... ok now that I have read this back to myslef I need to stop and drink MORE coffee.

Mood : De-Calfinated or Babby Bovine Deficiency

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