Another Day Another $0.78 American  

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8/15/2005 11:29 am

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Another Day Another $0.78 American

Well Its Monday, I have been having a different weekend, people who owe me money have been strangely absent from around me. Maybe I should not look so upset when people owe me the equivalent of rent 3 or 4 times over.

Good News though, I received another Wink from a lady, yes same one from the previous post. I even was one of a lucky group, more than 1 and less than 100, to get an Invite to a local gathering. Bad News, I have to freakin' work on that day. Good news, there is another gathering of the locals in just over a week, A time When I should have "no troubles" making.

I was browsing the locall BBW group the otherday and ran into a rather fondly remembered situation of regularly scheduled GT's, Get Together's for those post BBS days. I loved going to the things because they were always weird and you would never know what to expect on any given occasion. One time we actually had fun ripping the stuffing out of a Barney doll, I of course got the tail Heck Halloween should be one heck of a draining experience for one and all, can hardly wait, just might get me a pair of roller skates and get naked so I can go as a Pull toy

Today I even found a poor lady in distress because her means of getting connected was having a temper tantrum. Well Me being a Nerd, proud of it, had to lend a hand. Yup I posted a quick little guide to resurecting her little baby and staying connected for a longer period of time, pity I'm not in that part of the country or else I would have offered to do it for her.

Found the gap in the rollercoaster, the water pipes burst at my place, now I have a jaccuzzi, ok it was my bathroom, livingroom and bedroom but now its just one big hot tub. the chairs are comfy, if a lot wet, the complimentary foot bath on waking wasnt appreciated, the frosty porcelain seat was better than coffee, almost, for waking up. Lost my rubber ducky down the hall after opening the door, okay it wasn't my ducky but it did go floating past my door and almost made me trip and fall into this mess.

Now for the good news part of this puddle jumping morning, I got paid to go away for a few hours, and even was given money to eat 3 meals since I cant use the stove, fridge, microwave, toaster oven and the BBQ. That appeared to wash out to sea with Noah's ark during the great flood. So here I am surfing hte net after spending 2 hours drinking coffee and eating. Only thing missing in this tale is a peice of tail, hmm well not actually Barney's Butt is safely drowning in a box in the closet in the back in the corner.

Yup it's just another day in my life. think I will find a thunder storm and go play golf on a hill while screaming all gods are crazy, just to see what happens, it should be an electrifying experience.

Afterall this I am actually having a GOOD day, go figure.

LoveHandles686 68M

8/16/2005 4:21 pm

I gotta tell you it does sound like your run of bad luck is not the kind of story they put on the late night commercials for the degree mill places that are still promising rosy futures in the IT industry. The hi-tech world is fickle and it certainly does have it's potholes. I'm a long time geek myself, my roots go all the way back to even before the punch card days. I have been very fortunate and have dodged almost all of the bullets, I did take a 4 month hit back in the early 90's but I still manage to keep my head above water (pardon the cruel pun).

You sound like you have a great attitude and that's half the battle. I hope that the tide turns, and ,no I don't mean the tide from the bursted water pipes.

I'd wink at you but I doubt that would help ease the misery. I feel kind of guilty complaining about my lonely hotel room last night. BTW, different town and hotel tonight but I'm still by myself.

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