Xmas Time  

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12/23/2005 2:07 am

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Xmas Time

Hi All,
First blog so i'm not really sure how this goes, but as everyone know its christmas time and its supposed to be an exciting time. Well yeah mines kinda blah, since I found out that most of the people who I hang out with around my area were pretty much using me as a sucker for free rides and getting out of there houses since all of them are too lazy to get their drivers liscences and all, its quite sad on their part. So anyway, Joined this site about a year ago and had the Gold membership and all and talked to a bunch of people who all but one have dissapeared from this site and from the online community. So pretty much am on here looking for new friends and new experiences. Hopefully have more to write about soon and hopefully meet some people on here who are actually looking to meet and are real and not fake as most of the people seem to be fake.

Nite/morning everyone, as i'm dead tired and getting ready am going to go get ready for bed

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