Pantiless Friday  

Msrotary 36F
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10/14/2005 9:22 pm

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5/13/2011 8:46 pm

Pantiless Friday

Friday morning came.... I had an appointment on the shore at 9 so had the morning off work. Left home about the time I normally do, leaving my partner not thinking anything out of the ordinary.
Arrived at my masters place [up4itnow] through the back door...
He led through the kitchen into the lounge where he promptly handcuffed my hands behind my back.
My top was yanked up over my head followed by my bra with a good hard squeeze to my tits.
He next removed my pants to be around my ankles.... naughty girl for wearing panties, why did you do that, you know the rules? I didnt answer, somehow thought i could be defiant of him. What was I thinking???
Are they a favourite pair? No i answered. Actually well now i've got the singlet to match but the panties are no good. Slap on either side of my face just for breaking the rule.
Next came out the pegs from the dressing gown pocket.... as a punishment of course. I tried to back away, tried to say NO.
To no use, he grabbed me, pulled me back, just for misbehaving gave the left one an extra hard squeeze as he clamped them on
OUCH that hurt...... but felt strangely good at the same time.
I was marched over to the couch( the whole 2 steps) knocked to my knees (unecessarily I thought -I was getting there) pushed face down into the couch
Next thing I felt the belt being fastened around my neck. Wasn't so scared of that this time.
Mmmmmmmm felt his cock enter my tight pussy, that felt sooo good.
Then his cock in my mouth, tasting my juices off of it, his cum down my throat
Then felt him try to force his fat cock up my ass, felt him leave for a second (wondered what he was doing, kinda thinking whats he got now)
Then felt him smear something cold and wet over my asshole
Felt him enter me and shove it all the way in, felt good in an odd sort of way, once its all the way in
Pounded it hard for a while, while strapping me over the back with a belt.... hope he doesnt leave too many marks (as much as i like them its sometimes hard to hide the marks and bruises he gives me)
Ouch, that hurt just a bit.......... I'm sure he wasnt being as hard on me as he really wanted to be but maybe we will work up to that on his return.
He then made the mistake of pulling out all together, had he not I'd have been fine and he'd have got to cum twice (I know hes still got me up for that one)
Just couldnt take it, something inside me broke perhaps not so much what he ws doin to me but all the other stuff.
Just love the way he fucks me, shame we havent managed to do in public so much any more but thats a story for another time perhaps.........
Anyway had to go off to my appointment and then to work pantiless...... well I couldnt very well go home and get some panties now could i......

TheMooTheory 33M
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10/16/2005 6:11 am

Dude, that certainly grabbed my attention. You'll definitely have to finish that later so I can finish reading it. I've always wanted to be handcuffed, but never had the opportunity to try. I think there's some sort of a strange turn on to letting someone handcuff and blindfold you and let them have their dirty little way with you. Hope you enjoyed the experience!!

rm_Zia2003 37M

10/17/2005 9:07 pm

I am really looking forward for you to finish this. I have read what the other particapants comments were and want to see what you thought of it. If you don't want to post it on here then I would be interested in you sending them to me if you wanted.

rm_Zia2003 37M

10/20/2005 6:01 pm

Something I have never tried, would like to one day. Do you feel that you are just the subject all the time or do you also want to be the master some times?
I await the rest of the tail.

Msrotary 36F

10/21/2005 5:30 pm

Ah yeah I'm usually the subject........ Kinda the natural thing we feel into and not really being a dominant person anyway

GauzyWitchReign 39M
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4/26/2011 7:44 pm

damn girl you almost made me cry reading ur story , nice to hear you have picked urself up kept marching well if ya wanna chat email me

GauzyWitchReign 39M
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4/26/2011 8:17 pm

at msn deviate771

GauzyWitchReign 39M
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5/31/2011 8:49 pm

hot hot hot !!! i made a video of my gf sucking my dick the other day i came all over her face , wish we were watchn it together .

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