Memory of meeting up with my gentleman  

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8/28/2005 10:04 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Memory of meeting up with my gentleman

This is for everyone, who has been waiting to see if my gentleman and I did catch up, yes we did. We ended up at pump station 4 on the Mad River and walk along the river bar. If you could be there, there was an intense feel in the air. I had not see this gentleman in quite a long time.To feel him kissing me and running his hands all over my body, sent shocks of pleasure running through my veins. For every kiss he gave me, I gave one back. I got on my knees right there and opened the package that I adore so much. I took him in my mouth and started to suckle it like it was a wonderful lolly that I wanted it to last forever. As I did that, he played with my breasts. I nuzzled his balls and drank in their scent. Ran my tongue up and down his long lovely shaft. I am getting wet just thinking about it slamming into me and making me want to beg for more. He asked me if I would like to find a place a little more off the beaten path, to lay a blanket on and see where this goes. I tell him yes. We walk back to his car and he pulls out a blanket. We start to walk toward the trees. We find a nice covered area. I reopen my package and start licking it from head to base. God, I have not licked a cock like this in so long. Just seeing his naked body right that is a large turn on for me. He is man, mature, looks very handsome, and presents himself very sexy. All I want to do is take him and jump him. I am dripping wet and ready to ride that cock of his. I want to feel it rub against my cervix and all other areas inside my body. I tell him that I have missed him and not to make the times between us seeing each other to go for very long. I pull him down on to my body. I run my fingers through his hair. I am getting drunk off of his scent. I reach up and gently tell him that I am waiting and start to suckle his ear. I feel him rubbing the head up and down to make sure his aim is good.Then he finds the correct hole and rubs the head of his cock all around. I am squirming from this. I start to beg him to please impail me with that cock. At that point he did just that. As the head came down my tunnel. I had a huge orgasim. It was wonderful. His thrusting is perfect. We sit up and straddle each other. The scenery is perfect. Underneath the trees and no one is around. Just me and my lover. I clamp down on him and start to ride him and I gave myself a orgasim that shook me so hard, I knew then I was not finished until I was filled with cum. His cum tastes wonderfull. A part of him in me as a reminder of what we did. At this point he tells me he is going to orgasim and I am ready for another mind blowing one. We climax together and he is there in my arms as we both slide down slowly from heaven. As we untwine from our position, he starts to explain that he is having problems at home and it will be a very long time until we can see each other again. I am ridding that wonderfull after glow of a hard orgasim, I fail to register what he has just said. Anyways, my gentleman friend, you know who you are, I will be waiting for you to contact me if you choose. I hope all is going well for you. I would love one more night of passion with you in front of the fireplace. I must say, you are a excellent lover and to please stay in contact with me. I still have errotic dreams about this and other times we have caught up together.

hoser4funnn 55M

8/29/2005 9:18 am

wow.... what a great way to spend the afternoon.....

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