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12/2/2005 6:41 am

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Just Kicking around the house

Boy this last month has flown by. I hope everyone's Thanksgiving went well. Mine was alittle crazy; but, hey isn't the holidays meant to drive us adults nuts. If you were wondering, no I did not go to the mall and shop. Actually I hate shopping. I have gone in the past when there was something out there on sale and it was on my list. Other then that. Nope. Home is boring and I can not wait until I get back to work next month. My daughter will be happy since I am bothering her alot, you know the preteen issues. I am always asking questions. Boy, I am not the old; but, I feel so out of touch with her generation. I think every parnet feels that way. The good thing is, I don't have to listen to that hip/hop music. So, I am grateful. That stuff drives me nuts (sorry out there to all the hip/hop fans). She actually does not like it or !!! I have a shock method to break your children from liking that music. It works TOO!!!!! Just kidding. What am I looking forward for next year. I guess I will make a list:

1) Ozzfest-Yes folks I am going back with my daughter and going to get backstage passes. She wants to meet the Ozz man herself.

2) Maybe Paramont Great America-I used to have season passes when I lived in San Jose, it is time to introduce the child to the ride. I hate going upside down........

3) Marine World Africa USA-I have not been there for some time (since child was 1 and she is now 12). The only thing I dread going to see there are the snakes. I hate snakes and please pass the paper bag so I don't pass out!!!!

4) Hopefully paint the inside of my house. I hate the off white that it is.

5)Buy new curtain rods for the windows, since Ms. Chloe (our cat and remind me to kick my ex in the groin for that gift) has played Tarzan off of them.

6) THen sew new curtains and some how some way make them Ms. Chloe proof. Damn Cat!!!!

7) Take on the yard. I need to pull weeds. Plant bulbs. Pull out the old roses and clip the rhodes.

When I go back to work, take a deep breath and make sure my rx for Prozac is updated. Let the stress begin and the client start being demanding.

Anyways, I must get off, make my child's lunch, and do her hair since it is picture day. Have a great day everyone. Imagine me with a squirt bottle full of water chasing a Simease mix cat around the house and she standing there and taking it. That is our Chloe.

Ms. Loudone

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