Eroctic Story  

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5/2/2005 11:45 pm

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Eroctic Story

HA! Made you look....But since youre already here why not read my newest poem hmm? Purrty please? LOL.

There hides a secret
Deeply twined inside of her mind
A tired and confined egret
That pines to fly south
To this mouth of mine


Too long have these emotions
Like potions, made me
A sole castellan
Trusted to keep
The weight of oceans
From her rusted gates of sleep

A dreaming angel
Lying curled in the circles of hell
I must protect her
Watch her back for any cracks to occur
For in the witching hour
She slips into the Underworld
A pearled Persephone
Deflowered by the powers
That around her
Drown her

Doomed to dam the rift
Across the shifting abyss
With her body and it's Gift
My Filthy Little Secret

Without her there
My nymphetamine with the faraway stare
Thin walls would crumble
Horrors would Corroborate from dogstar lairs
For in the dead of the night
She spasms with orgasmic Flare
This reamed Demeter
With poseidons There inside her
Too appeased to grieve our air

I know a deeper beauty shines
Beyond the veil
Her roots and creepers mine
As the worms beneath arise

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