What defines great sex?  

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12/5/2005 3:13 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What defines great sex?

Lets face it that is not as easy to answer as you would think. Especially for men, we tend to look at how much the girl turns us on and what she is willing to do. What makes any sexual experience great is the newness of it. The best sex of your life can only happen once because if you did it again it wouldn't be new any more. That is why we are always out looking for someone new, or looking for 2 girls or wilder and crazier stuff, because we are looking to 1 up the last crazy sexual adventure.

I know in my relationship we have tried just about every position and type of sex you can imagine. We have been limited by physical limberness only, if we could contort ourselves into a position, we have had sex in that position. I remember looking through the Kama Sutra trying to find something new and only finding a couple of positions we hadn't tried before. We still need to get us a hanging swing though, that could open our horizons a bit.

I know that with my partner I have poked and prodded with my fingers my tongue and toys of all shapes and sizes searching for every erogenous zone, g-spot, or any other arousing location on her body, trying to push her to the next higher level of ecstasy. I have practiced and studied my oral technique making sure to apply just the right amount of pressure and just the right timing to get her to the most intense orgasms.

She too has developed her skills in giving me pleasure. She knows exactly how to bend her body and contract her muscles to bring me pleasure, she know exactly how to flick her tongue and she has suppressed her gag reflex so that she can take me into her throat all the way. She knows exactly what to do with her hands and how to delight me in every way.

I know that I have had great sex, spectacular sex in my time. Hell, I had great sex (better than most men will ever have) just a few hours ago.

So where do I go from here, what new high should I look for now. I know that I get a special thrill in pushing a woman to a place she has never been before. Giving her, her most intense orgasm or keeping her in that endorphine rush for longer than she has ever been before. I think that I have experienced every pleasure that my body can endure, now what makes me love sex is the pleasure that I can give another. In a sense it is like I can feel what she is feeling and I can increase my sexual pleasure by pushing her to new heights.

I wonder if all men are like this? Maybe that is why older men seek out younger less experienced lovers, because they can push them to new levels of ecstasy more easily than an older more experienced lover. Maybe we are all just approval junkies looking for some type of confirmation of our own abilities. Who knows, we all have our quirks.


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