Ma Bloggie Rites 2  

MrsGreenhenky 37F
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7/13/2005 6:54 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Ma Bloggie Rites 2

I will also add…Ahh also would ha ta say like

Quoting my blog within your own in a means to criticize what I write would be tha if yees quoty ma bloggie in yer bloggie, but nee his bloggie n under their bloggie likes.Bein sure not to ha one blog like another bloggie doin the bloggie cokey.N yees uses that a say tha ahh am a wee virgin wiv a weeer dingly n dinni ha any bollocks.Tha ahh write crap like n loadsa it then ahh will take it as more harrasyment.

considered harassment as well. Customer service is aware that I have banned certain
Och n ahh wills cry and scream n scream n cry until ahh am sick.Ma teachers n parentys knows about ma problems n ha sent ma diapers to bloggiland high in advance like.Ah will nee sit nexta any one like cause they all smell.If ma teachers sees anyone eatin, talking, walkin, wankin or fartin in the same school as me ahh will gota the policy men.Aye n geet uyees all in jail like.

members. If I start seeing blogs on their blogs that contain anything I write in my blog, it would count as harassment and theft.
If ahh am allowed ta read other bloggies n they talk about ma bloggie ahh will reward them.Ahh will take em toos Mr policy man handcuff them n introduce em ta geranimo.Yees cann take ma knickers ba yees canny take ma bloggie rites aye.

I copyright (legally) almost everything I write through another site for a $20 charge. They email me back a copy/certificate with the time, date, title, and text.
Ahh ha spent loadsa money like on shit ..

AmberSolaire 42M

7/14/2005 9:57 am

How does yees do ta bloggie cokey. Yees put yer left bloggie in...........yer right bloggie out.In out..... in out ........yer shakes yer bloggie about.................

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