An erotic phone call ;-)  

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7/7/2006 1:02 pm

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An erotic phone call ;-)

I have this friend Jakkie, who loves to get calls

I tried to get her to meet in NOLA when I was there on business, but she said no... She lives in Texas. Needless to say she regrets that decision or so she says, and now is looking to come to me in September. This could be interesting.

I called her the other day in the office on her cell. She never knows for sure who it is since I usually block the number.

Well she says hello, realizes its me and immediately changes the tone and timber of her voice.

I ask if she is alone, and she says yes but in the office with the door open. I ask if she is following instructions I have given her relative to certain items of attire. She responds yes. The means she is wearing thigh highs and no panties, a skirt and a nice top with a bra. She and I are the only ones knowing she is commando.

I ask what she is doing and she says working on a case. I hear her start to get up and I tell her not to shut the door since I am sure that is what she wants to do.

I ask if she is horny and she says "yes, when I hear your voice I get all wet and very horny and become a bad girl. I can't believe you can do that to me so easily." Yep, I can for a while till the novelty wears off.

I tell her imagine me leaning on her side of the desk in front of you.

(I will relay what I told her.)

I want you to place your legs on either side of me, your heels hooking the top of the desk.

I want you to show me your pussy which you do discretely in fear someone might walk in which increases the excitement for you. (I know she has her legs under her desk and her skirt hiked up.)

You look in my eyes and then to my tenting pants. You lick your lips wanting a taste of me. You know that can't happen today.

I want you to tweak your nipples through your blouse and bra which you do. Your nipples are like erasers on your chest which is starting to heave with deep breathes. I tell you , "You know you are mine and will do anything I say."

You say "Yes, I am yours."

You know I am the only man that can make you act this way and you want me so badly. You are my cum loving bad girl slut. You say "Yes, I am your cum loving slut and will do anything you say."

I want you to rub your nipples with one hand and your pussy with the other. I rub my hardness through my pants which makes you want me that much more.

Your breathe is immediately labored. I want you to stick one finger in your wetness and keep touching your breasts. You luv the feel of your pussy knowing I am watching your every move. I know if I took out my cock you would suck me to completion in a sec but you can't.

(I slowly tell her what to do to her body over a period of 10 minutes which I assume she does)

Your moans are barely audible and I am sure you closed the door. I tell you that you can't cum unless I tell you to do so. You want to asking "please may I cum?"

I want you to use one finger in your wetness, and tweak and twist your nipples for me. The breathing gets very labored with shudders.

After several minutes of this rubbing and tweaking.

Jakkie do you want to cum... and she whimpers yes please let me cum.

Cum for me Jakkie, my slut. I want you to come now
Jakkie. Cum for me and within seconds I hear the soft voiced orgasm come over her body. She cums hard. The breathing is very heavy and stops for seconds at a time as the waves cascade over her body with whimpers and moans. She is a good little slut for me.

Needless to say this call takes about 20 minutes. If she is faking she spends a lot of time faking it.

Sometimes I call just to say Hi, and say nothing further. Other times we play together. Its always interesting. I have had her send me pictures of her in certain ways which she has done reluctantly.

Her husband should thank me for sending home a insatiable wife. She after one of these sessions she writes me the next day to tell me what she did to her cuckolded husband. I have told her to withhold sex from him, and she does as told. Other times I have given her other instructions. For his sexual benefit.

He apparently was not trained in the finer art of love making. Granted I am not always Mr. Lover, just Mr. Fucker.

I know this maybe disjointed, and it would sound better if you could listen to me, but alas it is not possible at least in a way I know.

Let me know if you enjoyed this re-telling of a recent phone call.

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