A Stranger in the Night.  

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6/14/2006 11:34 am
A Stranger in the Night.

Stranger in the Night.

It is late and the night is warm. You go to bed early, there is no one home as they are at sleep overs and traveling. You are all alone.

It is a warm spring night and you decide to take a shower allowing the cooling water to cascade over your body. In the shower you take the hand held shower head and use the cool streaming water to hit your nipples and slowly you bring it to between your legs as you allow the water to excite you private areas.

You first aim it at your pussy which is bare and hairless which increases the sensitivity. It feels so sensitive and inviting. You then slowly move it to your hardening clit as the sensation overcomes you into a slowly building orgasm. The feeling is wonderful as it slowly brings you to a hard climax. You thank God for making the hand held shower head, little did that person realize the use it really has. You turn on the shower head and continue to bask in the glow of your orgasm as the water cascades down your body running over your sensitive hardened nipples and flowing over your pussy as the water drops to the shower floor.

You get out of the shower and dry yourself off, and go to your bedroom where you decide to lay on the sheets without any clothes and allow the cooling night air to bathe you in comfort and coolness. Your orgasm slowly lulling your to sleep. You fall soundly asleep.

Several hours later you here a thud, thump and crash. You are startled awake. There is someone in the room. You don't know what has happened and before you can get up to investigate a gloved hand covers your mouth and another hand grabs your hands. He comes up next to you and has a mask covering his eyes only. He has light brown hair and a strong jaw line, with sensuous eyes and mouth. He asks if there is anyone else in the house and you say no, not thinking that maybe you should say something else. He is 6' tall, and is wearing a black T-shirt and black pants. He is looking at you in your nakedness, and you see only his mouth and his eyes. There is something there that arouses you. He says he is not here to hurt you or to you, he is not forcing himself on you, he ask you where the jewelry or money is. He will remove his hand from your mouth and he says if you scream he will have to get rough and hurt you. You shake your head you understand. You tell him there is no jewelry in the house, but you have about $400.00 in your purse that he can have, just don't hurt you.

This situation is starting to arouse you. A stranger with those sensual eyes and lips, your naked, hot, your nipples are very hard, your pussy lips are swelling and getting very wet. Why you are thinking to yourself.

He says he has to tie your hands and cover your mouth. He uses duct tape to tie your hands over your head to the headboard, and takes another piece to cover your mouth.. You lay still as he goes to your purse, and takes out the cash. You look at him and he looks at you. You lay there with your nipples hard as rocks, and your pussy getting wet from the fear and the excitement, ohhhh the excitement. You stare at him and start to involuntarily spread your legs exposing your shaved and smooth pussy. You do not know why, but you are aroused. You want this stranger, but you shouldn't and close your legs to only start to open them again, as if another person is spreading you open to him.

You do not know why you are doing this but something in you wants him. He seems not to want to do you any harm. He remarks that your body is very nice. Your pussy he remarks looks beautiful. He is not sure what to make of this.

You spread your legs more like a common whore, and raise your ass a little, the wetness glistens in the light from the window. He can't figure out what you are trying to say, but his cock is starting to build. He sits next to you. Your arms tied over your head, your mouth covered, your body exposed and the excitement building. He takes a gloved finger and touches your nipple softly and you gasp, he touches the other and you gasp again. He takes his hand and moves his fingers over your body slowly to your pussy and he touches your pussy lips, and runs a finger between your very wet lips. He says you seem to be a little wet. He wasn't here to fuck you, but since you seem to be asking he decides that maybe he should take care of your needs. A double bonus he thinks.

He takes his finger and slides it between your lips and you moan. You are so wet his gloved finger slides into your wet pussy easily, and you gasp. He pulls back and is not sure what to do.

He moves to kiss your nipple and you moan again. He slowly moves to kiss the other nipple, and you moan deeper now.

He thinks this is a trick and won't untie you, you lay there at his will and pleasure and you want him to pleasure you and you to pleasure him.

He remarks on how nice a body you have as he runs his gloved fingers over your breasts, and stomach, and your inner thighs, and with 2 fingers he runs his fingers over your pussy straddling your lips. You shudder from the touch. Your wetness is building in your pussy. You do not know why but you want him.

He leans down to kiss and lick and then suck your nipple. His mouth is warm and inviting and you moan softly. You do not know why, but you want this stranger to fuck you. You feel like a slut that needs to be fucked, and you do not know why you have this wanton desire, but you know you shouldn't, but give into it the excitement of being taken. He leans over and kisses, licks and sucks in your other nipple and you gasp. You are so confused, but your pussy is so wet. It is dark, and all you see is his mouth and his eyes, and they are so sexy, and you know you should be afraid, but you can see a kindness in his eyes. You need him, but are still afraid. He goes and sucks the your nipple, and fondles the other breast, and nipple with his gloved hand.

He slowly kisses down your belly to your navel and start to kiss and lick your navel. You reflexively shudder from the excitement. He slowly moves his mouth lower and says to you how much he enjoys a shaved smooth pussy. He slowly kisses and licks your shaved pubic mound and he smells your wetness and is very excited by it. He leans over you in such a way you can feel his erection. You nudge it almost subconsciously. He notices.

He stands up and pulls up his shirt and you see his chest and it excites you even more, but he quickly covers up. You couldn't see he has a tattoo, and he covers it so you can't use it against him. He removes his pants and you see the bulge in his pants, and your pussy gets wetter, and your mouth salivates. He drops his briefs, and his cock pops out. It is not fully hard and a little smaller than average. He says he needs you to suck his cock, and he will remove the tape. But if you scream it will be over and he will leave you there as you are. You shake your head in agreement. You want to taste him, and will do anything to feel him grow in your mouth.

He takes the tape off and it stings. He straddles you and places his cock over your mouth. You start to lick the hole and the head. You slowly suck it in. The taste is musky, but not unclean. It is cut and you start to suck it hard and using your tongue on the under side. You taste the pre-cum. He is enjoying it and you are moaning as he starts to finger your pussy as he straddles your chest and starts to fuck your mouth the pre-cum is oozing out, and the salty taste is getting you more turned on. You start to suck and lick with more vigor and he says he is going to cum, and you don't want it in your mouth but you can't control him, as he fucks your mouth. You have enough to keep from gagging. you feel his balls slapping your chin, and he grunts and starts to cum in your mouth, and you have no choice but to swallow, and he spurts it into the back of your throat and you almost gag as he fucks your mouth. You start to cum as your pussy is getting fingered at the same time. Each spurt in your mouth causes you to cum over and over. He is drained after a minute and you lick him clean and suck every drop. He gets off you. He tells you not to say anything, and he leaves the room. He brings some water for you, and tells you to drink and swallow. You do as told. He leaves again and returns a few minutes later.

Your orgasm has subsided, but your pussy still aches to be filled. He starts to finger your pussy while sitting at the foot of your bed. He looks at you and tells you that you need to be fucked good. You do not protest. Your tacitly agree to be fucked because you need your pussy filled. You want him, but are still a little scared. He asks where you keep your condoms, and you say in the night stand. He gets one out. He is soft and he starts to finger your pussy roughly and you love it. The feeling and thought of being a wanton slut with no control is exciting you a lot. You know that in this condition you can let loose its not your fault you think to yourself. You want him but don't know why. He starts to finger fuck you harder and you start to moan.

He moves his cock next to your head and tells you to make him hard so he can fuck you right. You start to suck him as his cock grows in your mouth. You love the feeling of a cock growing in your mouth. He steps back and puts the condom on, and tells you to roll over. You do as told, its not easy but you do. He lifts your butt in the air and slowly feeds his hard cock into your sopping wet pussy doggy style, and you moan. Your hands are over your head and the position is uncomfortable, but the sensation of being taken this way is exciting you greatly. You know you want to be a whore, a slut, to be taken, the loss of control is so empowering.

He starts to fuck your pussy slowly and starts to build his thrusts. He is pounding your pussy mercilessly and telling you what a good little slut you are and he asks if you like his cock fucking you and you say YES PLEASE FUCK ME HARDER. And he starts to pound you even harder his balls slapping your clit as the first of your many orgasms start to overwhelm you. You pant and beg for him to fuck you. You don't realize how slurry you are becoming. You want to be fucked over and over by his cock. He pounds away, his balls slapping your clit, as you hear him call you his cunt, and his slut, and his whore, and each time you get more excited and start to cum again, and all of a sudden he grunts and buries his cock deep into your wet pussy and you feel his orgasm, as he spurts into your pussy and you cum hard, like you have never cum before, the excitement of being fucked by a total stranger, with no control or say in the matter, and being a slut excites you to the point of passion and new found eroticism. You can't take it and scream as your final earth shattering orgasm explodes over you.

You say you are his slut, his cum slut, and you will do anything he says. He stays in you as you feel him getting soft. He falls out of your pussy and he steps back and pushes you over.

He leaves the room with you panting like a bitch in heat and removes his condom. He flushes the condom down the toilet and getting rid of any evidence he was there. He unties you and tells you to go to the bathroom. He stands over you as you start to piss, this excites you also, the idea of being watched, his cock in your face. You can see it for the first time, as he turned the light on, it is not the best looking cock, but you almost unconsciously open your mouth wanting to suck it in again. He sees you doing that and tells you that his cum slut will have to be a good girl and he might come back and fill you again. You feel like his whore and want him again, but know you can't say anything. You piss as instructed, and get in the shower. He tells you to wash your body and your hair. He watches you. He tells you to make sure to clean your breasts and he is watching you and your embarrassed but very excited. You have no control and that is freeing you form those shackles of proper behavior. He tells you to clean your pussy well and to wash your ass also. You do not know why, but do as told.

He flushes the toilet a few more times, He goes into the bedroom, and takes the tape, and makes sure to take the condom wrapper, and any evidence he can think of. He returns to the shower and tells you to stay in the shower for 15 minutes. He then tells you to leave your window open and that if you are a good little slut he will come back another day and fuck your ass. He leaves the room, and disappears into the night.

You again as earlier enjoy the water over you as you come down from the excitement that was this experience. You realize you asked to be taken and wanted to be taken. You do not know what to do and fall into a heap on the shower floor as the water flows over you. You get out of the shower and get into bed. You feel so fulfilled from your evening stranger, and can only hope he will come back again.

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