welcome weather  

Mr_pkg 51M
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4/7/2006 2:04 pm
welcome weather

Yeah, more dull weather posts.

But it's so nice out! At least it was before the tornado warning. Ah well, April showers...

On the upside, Mrs. pkg called and said the truck isn't dented from the hail.

The garden is busting out, to my ever repeating (annually, i look forward to seeing what bulbs i forgot about planting last fall) surprise. In addition to the surprises are the Narcissus that have faithfully returned. Deer and squirrels don't like them (unlike tulips, crocus, scillas, ad infinitum). Good for us!

To the left is a pic of 'Sweetness.' It's a fragrant variety (all else being equal, i prefer choosing the fragrant stuff- olfactory fixation?). Enjoy!

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