snow again?  

Mr_pkg 51M
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1/5/2006 6:41 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

snow again?

It's in the forecast.... snow.

I frankly hope we get more. I was disappointed to see the last accumulation melt. The kids really enjoyed sledding (even though they each managed to dodge 4 straw bales and hit the posts or stairs of the deck. next year, 5 bales).

As a gardener, I'd rather have snow cover with the winter cold (supposing that returns, too).

We'll roll with whatever comes.

Yesterday's workout felt great. And, I think there was a woman checking me out. Maybe not.

On the one hand, she kept moving to machines near me (and I moved around kinda randomly).

On the other hand, I overheard a conversation she had with another woman while I stretched nearby wherein she said she didn't "need a man for anything."

Then again, when I left the gym, she was in the car ahead of me and drove as if she were trying to presage my turns (she was in a lane to go straight and signaled, and changed lanes to make, a left when I went to turn left). Spotted her looking back very intently into her side mirror. So,... ?

I'm terrible about figuring that stuff out. We'll see if she's there friday.

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