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Mr_pkg 51M
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4/24/2006 8:01 am
full tilt

Why do so many of my posts concern weather. Because I'm a garden fanatic. Sort of. I won't pay obscene prices just because I want a plant that nobody else has. I can always get it later for a lot less, if it's actually any good.

In any case, this is a wild time of year for me. I like to go to all my favorite garden centers (dunno if I should name them here; write me if you wanna know my sources) and pick out stuff that I've either lusted for since who-knows-when, or just plain like. Most importantly, the price must be right! LOL

So, instead of posting much in the coming days, I'll be out planting stuff. Well, digging up stuff, too (anybody need any cup plant [Silphium perfoliatum, for those inclined to proper names]? 5-6'tall, yellow bloom in late summer; be sure to deadhead it, or you get bunches more next spring!). It's good to have friends that garden, too.

Get out and enjoy the blooms!

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