Fantasy 1, part 1  

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1/18/2006 6:31 am

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Fantasy 1, part 1

Well, since the topic title "weather" seemed not to generate any interest....

In some public place, as I go about my business (getting groceries, shopping at Target, whatever), an attractive woman catches my eyes. I give my usual nod and smile and she reciprocates. As I resume my task I'm warmed by the glow of acknowleged civility. It's nice to get a nod and a smile in return.

Although I finish my errand in that store without seeing her again, the ever-so-brief encounter is replaying in the back of my conscious mind. I'd never been much at flirting, and frequently wish I had found the nerve to practice it more.

Out in the parking lot, I load up the van with my purchases, take the cart over to the return, and hop into the van. After making all the brief, but necessary, preparations (buckling-in, starting some music on the iPod...), I begin to pull out of my space.

As I'm exiting my space I'm checking my mirror, of course. It's then that I notice the backup lights of another car in the next row behind me. I pause because I think they must have been ready before me, but they hold their brakes. So I cautiously pull out, half expecting their brake lights to flash off any second because they weren't really waiting for me but dealing with some distraction inside their van.

Out of my space and now perpendicular to the other van, I put my van into drive and glance at the other driver to wave my thanks. Oh! It's her again! I wave thanks not knowing if she can really see me but I still appreciate her parking lot courtesy. I pull away smiling once more. Little things, like happy coincidences, can make me feel really good sometimes.

I move to exit the lot and signal to turn. As I'm waiting for the light to change I see the woman in her van is also approaching the same exit. She pulls into the same turn lane that I am in, second car back. The light changes and we all get onto the road. Shortly, the car between us turns off. I realize that I am getting overly interested in this woman. I say overly because countless times in the past similar sequences of events have passed. Still....

Ahead, the road temporarily widens into two lanes per direction. A fair amount of traffic is lined up in my current lane. Expecting that most of it will be turning off at the next intersection (it usually does), I change lanes to pass it. As I do, the light changes against me and I have to quickly stop. So much for passing that line of traffic. But, lo! Who has stopped at the light in the lane next to me but my (geez, now I'm getting possessive) attractive woman in her van!

As I'm looking over, and a tiny adrenaline rush hits me, I see she's looking at me, too. She smiles and arches her eyebrows, then tips her head as if to indicate something to the front of us. I turn and see the light is green for us. One more glance at her (she's giving me a questioning look that seems to say "Are you going or what?"), and I leave the intersection. Hmm! She's obviously giving me the opportunity to get back into her lane before mine ends!

Tingling with excitement, I'm now driving as if I am ahead of a driver who is trying to follow me. I'm trying to temper my mood with a touch of realistic disbelief. Surely she'll turn off at some point. Still....

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