Size and other interesting things  

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11/10/2005 2:30 pm

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Size and other interesting things

Just submitted a poem under the Magazine section
Its based on true events.

Its about how bigger doesn't always mean better ;0)

From time to time us guys can feel a little worried about the size factor. I was talking to 'Fran' at an event and she told me her adventures with 'Brian'.

Incase you can't find it in the magazine section here it is ;0)

I'll tell you a tale as it was told to me...
Its 100% truthful, well as truthful can be.
The story is about Brian and his girl Fran.
They got down to the usual between woman and Man.

Brian was big about as big as you get
Fran was so horny, horny and wet
He was 12 inches or so I've been told
She was never so shy and ever so bold

Fran thought she had the most wonderful catch
She pulled down his zip and unloosed the latch
Out flopped the meat and it squirmed by her face.
Could it all fit in her small tight place?

It didn't get hard not hard as a pole
But it was hard enough to enter her hole
Brian pushes his meat in without much of a fuss
Then Fran starts to shout holler and cuss

In the one push that split her in twain
Brian moaned, groaned bucked and came
One push was all it took to prevail
And that’s the end of this sorry tale.

What it all boils down to is this. 'Fran' tried the biggest but it certainly wasn't the best ;0)

That should give us little guys pause for thought. The bigger they all the harder the fall... Maybe not right now but some time in the future. ;0)


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