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Last October

WOW two Blog posts in the first day ;0)

A combination of work and life schedules limits my play time. I strive for quality rather than quantity. On average I only attend about 5 or 6 events a year, well that was before AdultFriendFinder.

Who knows hopefully I can find more time in what’s left of 2005 and 2006.

Its very clich├ęd to say “to each there own” but everyone does have there own tastes. Personally I like curves, I’m a boob man but I also like fuller figures.

Due to some complicated commitments and promises I bound with when I’m at an event my pants stay firmly on ;0) I do some touching, feeling groping and pleasing but my main function at events are to watch and sometimes document ;0)

Privacy is important not only to me but also my friends. Some things I can write about some things are just between me and my friends. What ever I might write in this blog I won’t use real life identities.

My last adventure was back in October, pretty tame in comparison but never the less fun. Rae and Dee (not real names ;0) Dee (Blonde, 30 something, fuller figured (pear shaped)) contacted me through a friend of a friend, She wanted some nice pictures and not just snap shots of her and her girlfriend Rae to give as a present for her husband. (Not sure what his name is). It’s certainly something I could do. So we agreed to meet at a hotel off I94.

It was dark when I arrived and a little cold. I met Dee and Rea (Dark hair, 30 something, fuller figured and a little taller than Dee). We all went up to the room, closed the curtains and turned on the light.

While I got my camera ready I chatted with Dee and Rea to get more of an idea of what they are looking for. They seemed a little nervous (a little giggly ;0) It seemed pretty obvious to me that this was there first time doing this but it wasn’t clear if it was posing for pictures or the thought of them getting together that was making them nervous.

As it turns out it was first time having an audience (phew, I could work with that ;0) They had been an item for about 7 months. Rae was BI and Dee wasn’t quite ready to give up the ‘BI curious’ label she said she liked cock way too much.

Getting started is always the most difficult part; I have to set the correct mood. Dee seemed the most open. So I spent about 45 minutes having Dee strip naked while I took pictures. I tried to get Rea as involved as much as I can to get her to feel more relaxed. I like to think of the first set as foreplay and who doesn’t like 45 minutes of foreplay ;0)

Dee was like a B or C cup with barbells in both nipples. Dee was all into getting naked in front of a stranger (me). I brought Rae in slowly getting her to kiss Dee and have her work down Dee’s neck while I took pictures. It wasn’t till I had her hold Dee and suck on her nipples that I asked her to start taking her clothes off. First her top then her bra she was like a D or a DD with a tattoo on her left breast.

Rea was getting into it and the last of her clothes fell to the floor with any doubts she might have had. We took a number of posed pictures for Dee’s hubby. At the end of the photos everyone was hot and sweaty. Dee wanted to know if there was anything she could do for me, I explained that they had already done a lot for me ;0) I asked if I could do some fingering and touching while they made out That sort of surprised Dee she thought I’d be more having them suck me off. It was a great offer but I like to wait for my cock play till I get home to my wife and let it all come then ;0)

I rubbed Dee and Rea the right way and I was more than ready to get my rocks off when I got home ;0)

Next day I got the best pics and e-mailed them off to Dee, it sounds like she really enjoyed them ;0)

Have to wait till after thanks giving to find out if her hubby like them ;0)

Now you have to ask your self was the story of Dee and Rea true?

Yeah as truthful as I can be ;0) certainly the facts are correct just some details have been changed and buffed up to protect privacy etc.

This is one heck of a mammoth Blog entry I’ll try to keep the blog updated but its taken me about 4 hours to write.

I’d love comments, if only to know that someone is reading this ;0)


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