My Dirty Little Secret  

Mr_Wall_St 33M
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7/8/2006 7:58 pm
My Dirty Little Secret

I used to think that it was only about instant gratification, about instant satisfaction. I used to think it was as simple as "trying to find myself."

If Plato was still alive, I'd have enjoyed sitting down with him to talk about Eros, Love, and Lust. His work, "The Symposium," is a conversation of Socrates, his mentor, and a group of the aristocrats of their society. Bare with me here, please. After being drunk off their asses from wine (my kind of way to get enjoy oneself instead of damned beer and shots all the time), they come into a heated appraisal of Eros, the god of love. I wish Plato was still alive, I wish these people were still alive so that I can talk to them.

This is my dirty little secret:
My secret, my purpose..., my purpose is so very naughty and so very dirty, at least one may think so. I have praised the "mind sex," the "special" techniques for ravaging a woman, but I have only touched on something I've had inside. I have such an enormous capacity to be a very very naughty boy. My capacity for wickedness is as enormous as my appetite for knowledge.

Wicked, evil, what is taboo and behavior that is often frowned upon is what I have channeled up inside. I realized my aphrodisiac isn't just kissing (but kissing is a GREAT way to awaken my hunger), but it is often engaging in intimacy in the most frowned upon ways that really brings out the animal.

Do not confuse my taboo with bestiality and masochism, though a lil bite and scratch never really hurts. My taboo is in the attitude people have. Sex, for me, is a release from my conservative character. I am, for lack of a better term, a horny rough little fucker. To Plato though, I would be living life. I would be exploring Eros.

Have I lost you? Imagine this:
My lover is laying tangled in the sheets on her back, arms draped on the side wearing a t-shirt and pink panties. I step in the doorway, the only light coming from the hall so all she could see is a shadowy contour. I run to the bed possessed by my lust for her; and I grab her, TURN HER OVER on her stomach, almost violent in my actions. I'd handcuff her to the bedpost, rip off her panties along with the rest of my clothes, and fuck her without abandon.

My "without abandon" is what I am trying to find in me, voice, and discuss with others similar to the way Socrates does with his friends...the doctors, lawyers, and teachers who are educated in matters of the books and themselves. The ambitious ones of society, that's what I seek.

I have discovered sex is just too easy and abundant a commodity to get. It is given away for the simplistic profit of others, often used as a means of survival for the desperate, and often gets used as a conduit to channel people's frustration and disatisfaction about other things in life. I see that with every pussy and dick pic on this site.

I have come here and it is my mission to filter out and seek those individuals. I am an animal when it comes to Carnal matters. I fuck, spit, spank, bite, thrust, nibble, suck, lick, flick, and handcuff. I love fire and I want to play with it. But if you are looking for cheap sex, some cheap thrill...move on. I have more than just a cock to offer.

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