Dancing 101  

Mr_Wall_St 32M
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6/20/2006 9:34 am
Dancing 101

I've discovered Salsa. Mostly because I was raised without knowing much about my culture. But this past semester at my uni I took salsa classes and fell in love with it. It's so sensual the way two ppl move. It's traditional too, but so hot. What better form of foreplay than on the dance floor? You don't have to be so close, but bodies in sync and rhythm, flowing to the beat, gliding smoothly in and out of each others arms but always within reach.

Anybody who knows some great Salsa clubs, where to take Salsa classes, or if you have any questions, ask away. But definately if you can, take up some form of latin dance; you might find yourselves later wanting to rip off each others clothes after heating up the dance floor. CANDELA!!!

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