The original "Homeland Security"...  

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4/19/2006 11:10 pm

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The original "Homeland Security"...

Hello all

I was coming home from working a night shift and gazed over to the fields off to the side of the road.
It was about 79 degrees out...and getting hotter. It was that really hot day this week.
I saw hundreds of workers in what appeared to be a Lettuce field, working their ass's off in the sun.
Thats when all this debate about Immigration came to mind.

Its a subject that everyone has an opinion about, and there is usually alot of passion involved, much like politics and religion.

I look at it this way...put yourself in this situation.

1. Your living in poverty with no relief in sight.
2. Its hard to support yourself and your family in your present location.
3. Even with the best work ethic on the planet, there is no oppurtunity to make money, where you presently live.
4. Your family is surving, but barely, and with little or nothing.


1. There is a place nearby, that has PLENTY of employment oppurtunities to make money.
2. There is a place nearby to build a new future for yourself and your family.
3. There is a place nearby that rewards hard work and dedication.
4. There is a place nearby that has abundant food supplies, shelter and recreation.

What would you do????

Any intelligent person would pursue this land of plenty.

Im the first person to LOVE and want to DEFEND this glorious country of ours. I served in our armed forces (The Worlds finest - United States Marine Corps)and was willing to put my ass on the line for her.
I understand the worries that many have concerning our Country and Illegal Immigration. There are some legitimate issues to be delt with...

But wheres our compassion for our fellow man?

We live in the land of Oppurtunity and Wealth, while alot of the rest of the world is leaving in desolation and dispair. I put my ass on the line for the FREEDOM to pursue happiness. Isnt this precisly what a majority of the Illegal Immigrants who come here are doing?

Of course it is.

Those poor bastards working in the hot Vegetable fields, or Sweat-Shops are not the ones coming here to cause trouble. They are fullfilling the dream of a better life. And when they go home, they are too exhausted to rob you, or spray graffiti on a wall.

If you hate those activities (crime and vandelism), support legislation to get the lazy ass, spoiled rotten, native-born people of this country on the right track. Not the Immigrants coming here to work hard for their families.

I realize that not all Illegal Immigrants are great citizens, but a vast majority are. Ask the Border Patrol...90% of the time when captured, Illegal Immigrants fully comply with the authorities.

I know its not a simple problem and there are alot of factors to consider, but try to be compassionate when pondering this subject. And understand the motivation of the people coming here.

And remember...unless you are Native American Indian, you and your family were at some time IMMIGRANTS here too.

I just love the bumper sticker that reads, " The Original Homeland Security". And it shows American Indians in War gear, ready for the Calvary.

We have an obligation as the most powerful and wealthy country in the world, not only to help the poor people of this nation, But all nations throughout the planet.

Thats all I have to say about that.

Being that this is an AdultFriendFinder blog... I pose to you this question.

Do you like to fuck?

I welcome all comments and remarks

By for now



4/21/2006 7:22 am

Very politically inclined post Mr O', I like the fact that you are keen to such issues. To me the bottom line is mutual respect, respect from immigrants towards the nation and city they reside in and respect from the nations occupants and acknowledgment that no one, I really mean NO ONE will do the back breaking work that they do. It is such a heated topic and debate that it can easily turn ugly, be careful with this one O'.............
I recall a response from you where you spoke about your ancestors arriving here in the good U.S. of A.
You have a very strong point when you express "And remember...unless you are Native American Indian, you and your family were at some time IMMIGRANTS here too". It seems to me that we have all forgotten that this nation was literally built by immigrants, many different race of immigrants.
Everything done lawfully and through the righ channels would avoid so many problems. I see both points of view, can't we all just get along!!!!
who knew that Rodney Kink would come up with such a prophetic line.
I apologize for running in here yesterday and not leaving my mark, I did not have time to leave an intelligent answer as I have done so today, it took me 4 hours to come up with that!!!! LOL you better know I am kidding.

Mr_O_4you 55M

4/22/2006 7:06 am

Dearest Kink
Your are correct when you say its a heated topic, thats why I threw it in with Religion and Politics, two other subjects people get passionate about.
Its funny how people want to hoard wealth or resources. Its only human nature, but its flawed thinking. Think about it... if all the wealthy and agriculturaly advanced countries shared their food with the rest of the world, hunger could be erased from the planet. There is plenty of food to feed the Worlds population just wouldnt be as profitable if everyone shared.

Its a complicated thing to do though, alot of red-tape involved. This country already exports alot of food and helps many countries out financialy. We are most generous country in the world. But do we do enough? Thats the question.

All this ties into people wanting to keep this country free from Immigration, as if Immigrants somehow hurt the make-up or quality of the United States.

I was just as quilty as others when I was younger. I hated illegal aliens and wanted us to build a huge wall around the protect her. I still hate that immigrants flood our borders and come through
without paperwork and cause logistics problems.


After seeing real poverty in foriegn lands, I understand their motivation better now. I understand their desire for a better life.

I would rather have a hardworking Immigrant that is providing for his family and not causing trouble... be my nieghbor. Rather then some spoiled rotten, lazy, graphitti spraying, complaining citizen of this country who doesnt realize how good they have it here.

ps-you never answered my question at the end of my blog?

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