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4/28/2006 6:23 pm

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Quotable Fulton, at his best...

AVERTISING: Adverising tries to stimulate our sensuous desires, converting luxuries into neccessities, but it only intensifies man's inner misery. The business world is bent on creating hungers which its wares never satisfy, and thus it adds to the frustrations and broken minds of our times.

The AGED: Modern civilization has little respect for the aged for the same reason it has little for tradition. There is love for the antique, but not for the ancient. Yet the aged are to culture what memory is to the mind.

ALCOHOLIC: There is a vast difference between the individual who gets drunk because he loves liquor and the one who does it because he hates or fears something else so much, that he has to run away from it. The first becomes the drunkard, the second the alcoholic. The drunkard pursues the exhilaration of liquor; the alcoholic pursues the obliteration of memory.

AMERICA: America's greatest enemy is not from without, but from within, and that enemy is hate:
hatred of races, peoples,classes and religions. If America ever dies, it will not be though conquest but suicide.

ANGER: Bad temper is an indication of a man's character; every man can be judged by the things which make him mad.

ANIMAL VERSUS MAN: No pig ever had ulcers, and not even the most erotic rooster has had a mother complex.

ART: Because of the spiritual power of man, he alone is able to produce art. Art is the ideal through the real, and man alone is capable of ideals.

BEAUTY: Beauty without virtue is like a fair flower that has an offensive odor. But true beauty bathes in that light without which nothing is beautiful. Beauty is a gift of God, like the rain. He allows the rain to fall opon the just and the wicked, and he gives beauty not only to the good, but even the bad. Wicked beauty strikes the eye, but the inner beauty of grace wins the soul.

BETRAYAL: The greatest betrayls come from within.

BURDEN: Help someone in distress and you lighten your own burden; the very joy of alleviating the sorrow of another, is the lessening of one's own.

CELEBRITY: Anyone who steps into a shower, where he cannot carry his press clippings, knows that his celebrity has not elevated him above other man.

CHARACTER: Character is not revealed when life shows its best side, but when it shows its worst.

I decided my bloggy needed a shot in the arm. My frail attempts at percieved wisdom are nothing compared to those you are truely wise.

This man's work provokes real thought and contemplation. Most of his stuff takes a couple of readings to grasp. But it is well worth the wait.

Any comments or responses are welcome

bye for now


ps- that was only a few of my favorites with topics A-C. I will post more in days to come.


4/29/2006 5:25 am

Greetings O'
Very wise observations on his behalf, very humbling.
It is Saturday O', where will you be hiking today? I am surfing the net right now looking for a new challenge to conquer.
have a great weekend

Mr_O_4you 55M

4/30/2006 2:42 am

hello KK

Thx for your response. I may hike , dont know yet. There are alot of nice trails in the OC...tons of them actually. A guy named Jerry Schad has the book on hiking called "101 hikes in Southern California". Its the best book around. He gives maps, trail length, type, description, degree of difficulty, vegetation, land marks, saftey tips, animal report, history etc for every trail. They are great books. I'll give you one of mine, I have several.

My weekend is already great...you wrote me.

bye sexy

O Man


5/2/2006 3:30 pm

How long before you make it back to BLOGVILLE?


5/3/2006 10:33 pm

O' this really S_ C_ S, you better come back to BLOGVILLE soon or else!!!!


5/7/2006 3:17 pm

Day six and the O'Man is still missing.
Worry not guests of O' for he is doig fine, He has been exploring the wonders of nature and stalking a bird nest as I did sometime ago.
Blogville is not the same without you my dear friend.


5/10/2006 11:29 pm

I'm going to tell...............

Mr_O_4you 55M

5/11/2006 6:52 am

tell what my love? please do tell............


5/11/2006 8:24 pm

Please behave, honestly

Mr_O_4you 55M

5/12/2006 8:12 am

Miss KK

I going to get you....!!!!!!


5/12/2006 5:49 pm

Do not kid yourself darling O', the only way you are going to get me is if I allow you to get me.

Mr_O_4you 55M

5/12/2006 9:00 pm


" hello, thank you for calling O's Sercurity",..." how can we help you?"...

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