Back to the basics...  

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4/6/2006 12:07 am

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Back to the basics...

Hello to all in Blog-land

This is my second attempt at writing and maintaining a Blog here. I cancelled my first profile, but have decided to come back.

My post today is more therapeutic for myself then anything else. It is a way for me to vent my frustrations, but everyone is welcome to read and participate with this rant if you like. You may agree or disagree, we shall soon find out.

Where do I start...

I was frustrated today. I was so pissed off earlier, that I wanted to chuck my lap-top out of the window into the rain. All I was attempting to do... was construct some simple business forms on Word Pad. The problem was, every time I attempted to print some copies, the copies came out wrong. All the margins were in the wrong spot, and even though it looked good on the screen, the computer printed my document text all over the fucking place.

I know what your going to say... I needed to adjust "this" setting, and adjust to "that" setting, and set "this" and do "that".

WTF...Is it just me?

What ever happened to just typing some shit on a typewriter?

I know to be proficent with computer programs...a person needs to buy a manual and learn all about them. But need a freakin 10 page manual just to set an alarm clock.

I soon realized it wasnt just my Lap-top and a few programs, its EVERYTHING these days. I find that more and more things are becoming extremely complicated.

My PHONE has more options then I'll ever use. The instruction book for it looks like a mini phone book.
My Plazma TV has computer chips in took forever to program it right. It still has glitchs in it.
My COMPUTER is always screwing up... I can never get it to work without problems for very long.
My ALARM CLOCK is impossible to set more then once...
My CAMERA looks like somethng out of Star Trek...Im only a quarter of the way through that manual.


While Im the first guy to applaud new technology, is it possible to go too far?
How does a person find the time to read enough manuals to live without hassles?
Can our world get too technology crazy?
We did just fine with regular phones. We survived before without instant communication.

I consider myself an intelligent guy, but Im constantly frustrated by modern technology. Some people seem to get it easier then others... I am always fighting something.

What do you think of all this modern technology?

Do you struggle like myself?

A world without gadgets worked for centuries... do we really NEED them, or are we spoiled?

If we didnt have TV, Play Stations, CD players, and the Internet...people would comminicate one on one with each other more.

Im not suggesting we eliminate technology, but maybe use it less.... and consentrate on communicating person to person whenever we can.

What do you think?

I know this is not your average subject for AdultFriendFinder, but this has been bothering me lately. Its been very frustrating.

I welcome all remarks and comments.

Bye for now


Mr_O_4you 55M

4/6/2006 8:35 am


When I first read your comment, I thought of Ellie Mae on the Beverly Hillbillies
Ok, so you obviously dont have as much trouble as I do... you must be one of those edjimacated city-folk.
Thx for reading my blog and responding.
see ya later

ps- ya going to take a dip in the "cement pond" a little later? lol


4/8/2006 7:48 am

Mr O,
there is a great little town down south, WAY down south that has banned all electrical gadgets. You see a few years back this little town on an attempt to modernize a little and keep up with the times ordered a few new gadgets.
The Sheriff and his men were thrilled with their new GPS systems, all of the secretaries at the City Hall could not get over the freedom that their new head sets offered them. Everything was unicorns and rainbows, well except for the black cloud that slowly crept from the direction of the Mayor's office. You see my dear and loved O' this Mayor had a computer installed in the privacy of his own office, He found it darling that he did not need a partner now to play CHESS with. He also found it much easier to stay organized with his new computer, that was until the day he discovered internet porn. He became withdrawn and spent more time on his new computer than with his wife and children.
One day after hours of silence coming from his office a worried secretary open the door to check up on him and to her horror found the poor Mayor on the floor with his pants around his ankles.
You see, the over weight man had pulled a muscle as he pleasured himself and had fallen to the floor. The porn he had discovered on the net was by far more explicit than anything he had ever seen before.
Needless to say that the embarrassment caused by his internet escapade was so great that he had all of the new gadgets destroyed and banned.

*this story brought to you by the imagination of KINK

Mr_O_4you 55M

4/9/2006 4:41 pm

Miss Kissable Kink

What a cool story. It was so fun to read. Your story is good because it really could have happened. People do take technology too far, and that was the point of my rant.

Your post is a perfect companion to my bloggy...thank you so much.

Hope to see you write me again, my talented little Kinky writer.




4/9/2006 5:12 pm


Mr_O_4you 55M

4/10/2006 12:12 am


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