Another one for Jeff Foxworthy  

Mr_Goodgiver 59M
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10/19/2005 3:04 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Another one for Jeff Foxworthy

I decided to do something a little while ago that I very rarely do… went to Wal-Mart. They have a 24-hour SuperCenter in Robinson Township, and it’s payday (love that direct deposit shit, eh?) and I didn’t have anything else to do at four-thirty in the morning, so I figured I’d go and get my grocery shopping out of the way. Okay, so I stroll through the aisles tossing stuff into the cart, even stuff that wasn’t on my list, and went through the check-out, paid for the stuff (might not be a bad idea to do my food shopping there from now on… got lots of stuff for $30!) and headed for the door, pushing a shopping cart filled with BAGGED GROCERIES. A frumpy-looking woman wearing one of those red smocks (must be a manager of some sort… only the managers/supervisors get to wear the red ones) heads me off and stands in front of my cart with her hand out even, like a traffic cop, and demands to see my receipt. “Huh?” I asked. “Well, we just need to be sure that you paid for your merchandise,” she said, in a flat, matter-of-fact, bitchy kind of way. I didn’t say anything, just gave her the receipt. (I should’ve said something--I thought of a real neat smart-ass come-back only after I was done fuming and on my way home. She never even said “Thank you for shopping at Wal-Mart“ … oh, no wonder, that’s K-Mart’s line… She was standing not more than ten feet from the check-out watching me pay for the stuff! And even if she hadn’t been, how the fuck did she think I would’ve gotten to the door pushing a shopping cart packed full of BAGGED GROCERIES without going through a check-out lane where they don’t let you bag your own… I mean, it’s not Aldi’s, dontchaknow.

Ayuh, this one’s for Foxworthy… “Here’s your sign!”

Mr_Goodgiver 59M

10/19/2005 3:12 am

As a former store manager for an area convenience store, I should admit that I understand a retailer's commitment to excellent customer service and the obligation to follow federal and state labor laws. (I don't understand why Wal-Mart doesn't practice more of that excellent customer service stuff, but, hey, I guess when you're the largest retailer in the world, you can afford to be arrogant.) I'm sure that Wal-Mart is just doing its part to comply with affirmative action and EEOC rules to hire its fair share of total morons! (Calm down, Todd. Be nice, Todd.)

SweetSouthrnGrl 44F

10/19/2005 9:25 am

Don'tcha just love small minded people with what they preceive to be a little bit of power?

I would be remiss in my duties as a true Southern Girl if I didn't mention that Bill Engvall coined the phrase..."Here's Your Sign". Jeff Foxworthy does the "You Might Be A Redneck...." Just my little two cents worth of useless information for the day!

MissAnnThrope 56F
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10/19/2005 9:46 am

You know, the only place I've encountered someone wanting to look at my receipt after watching me check out is Best Buy. That seems to be company policy. One of the reasons people say they should actually be named, Best Buy Elsewhere.

Other than that, the only place it's happened has been CostCo. But as they don't put anything in bags, that's understandable, more or less.

Mr_Goodgiver 59M

10/19/2005 9:54 am

Thanks Sweetie... I stand corrected! I'll have to be on the lookout now for some of that redneck stuff in our Pittsburgh world!

Mr_Goodgiver 59M

10/19/2005 9:55 am

Miss Anne... oh, so true! Them's the other guys I don't normally spend my money in...

DallasPhallus56 60M

10/19/2005 10:19 am

Fry's Electronics also requires you to show your receipt at the door. Good thing, too, since I had left one of my purchases at the checkout once. Somehow this didn't sound like a routine stop, though, and I've never been asked for it at Wal-Mart.

LetsPhukSumSoon 46M

10/19/2005 2:32 pm

yo dude! waas up with the dog pic... is that your puppy-wuppy or are you trying to tell us that you're ugly!

Mr_Goodgiver 59M

10/19/2005 6:05 pm

Yep, there's one in every crowd. Anyway, to Mr. LPSS...

First, my name is Todd, not dude.

Second, the dog, your moron, is Pluto, like the name of this blog.

Third, my dog, Otto, an AKC champion golden retriever is dead. He was killed by some drunk in the woods with a deer rifle. When I found him, after hearing a shot that I shouldn't have been able to hear, considering it was late August, I found the drunk bastard standing over my dog. I couldn't stand to see Otto suffering like that, so I took the idiot's rifle and finished it. In all my 48 years, that was probably the hardest thing I ever had to do.

Fourth, no, I'm not ugly. Not a Hollywood pretty-boy, either, but the women whom I've had the pleasure of meeting over the years have told me I have a beautiful mind... among other various parts of my anatomy.

Is there any other mystery of life I can help you solve Mr. Moron?

Have a nice day (shithead!)

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