Week 1  

rm_MrXXXstar 37M
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5/21/2006 10:33 am

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Week 1

Early this week , I was filling real horney and so badly had the taste for a sexy White female... So doing what all men do , I searched into my trusty black book and found the name of this particular blond that I had fucked quit often awhile back and called her too see what she was doing... Of course, she was a little hesistent too even talk too me, saying she was in a serious relationship now and if he found out she was talking too me she would lose him, but she slowly but surely changed her tune in about 10 minutes within the conversation. She said she now lived with her boyfriend so getting to see me would be diffucult, but tonight he know's she's going out with friends and she maybe able too meet me somewhere if I "really" wanted too see her... So I agreed and we decided to just meet at the local bar and what she say's talk ..( hint, hint) So eventually I made my way too the bar, which is in the downtown area and is always filled with attractive women and found her sitting at a small table with this really sexy blonde.. I mean I've never seen her before and I was no longer interested in taking her home but now I wanted her friend...so she introduced me and we all sat and talked and drank and fucked around until eventually I was pretty drunk.. The girl I had came too take home eventually left too talk to some fucking body, and I set there basically flirting with her friend. She was extremely shy but soon she began too open up. And before you know it, the subject of men had came up... And me being me I asked her, "have you ever dated a blk man" and she looked a little embarrassed and told me no , never, there just not my type.... Now any other guy would have been offended but to me, it was just her playing hard to get. So we talked and talked and when the bar began too close we said our good-byes and I thought I had failed and would proably have too pay for some pussy. But will riding home my cell rang, and it was her...Ms."no, never, there not my type" asking me what else I had planned for the night and I told her nothing why you have something for me... she was quite for a minute and then she said "yea, I might".... "let's meet"....so I went and again meet them and this time the girl just left out of the car and got in with me, and told me " let's go fuck, before I change my mind"...I was excited now, is this blonde was about 5'9 140 with these long sexy legs.. just what I like... Now i'm in the car with this girl I just meet , who don't deal with Blk Men..rushing home because I wanted that pussy...when our mutual friend called talking about we are rude for leaving her alone.... so of course I'm a man, so I invited her along... Now let's speed through the b.s.. basically I got them home and wanted too fuck them both, but my friend was still talking about her dam boyfriend... but this other blond was ready, so we went into my room leaving the other behind and we began too fuck.. I swear she had the wettest, sweetest, pussy I had ever tasted... and I can tell by her moans she was enjoying it.. and her telling me " fuck this tight white pussy with that big black dick" was another sign...so we fucked and sucked and then from the cornor of my eye our friend walked in...now I wish I could tell you should joined but she didn't she just stood there watching.... so I put on a show fucking her every which way...cumming 4 times before the night was done...one on her back, her tits, and two in the mouth........the girl just stood in the doorway cheering her friend on........and when I was about to cum the last time she was the one who said..." swallow that shit for him bitch"....dam!!! it was hot....the funny thing about it, after we fucked she just left , and my friend called me from her cell saying....you can say thank-you, you owe me one............... and she said that was her first black dick and she'll be calling you when later....

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5/21/2006 6:37 pm

Welcome to the Blogs!

twizlerwhizler 36F
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7/4/2007 12:52 pm

This sounds too good to be true... Is it?

Living my life....

amoldenough 69F
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7/5/2007 10:51 am

Welcome to Blogville. I hope you enjoy it here. It can be a good, fun place to be.

"Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened."

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7/7/2007 4:08 am

that was hot !

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rm_MrXXXstar 37M
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7/14/2007 8:42 am

this actually happend and the experience was the fucking best...It might be hard to believe for some...but I had the time of my life...and i'll always remember it like it was yesterday..... looking for another hot experience to blog about anyone interested in making fantasy real...

cutejellybean101 37F

9/27/2007 3:25 pm

i am just let me know when and where

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