She liked phone  

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1/4/2006 6:24 am

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She liked phone

Sorry to leave you hanging like that.

If you are just reading my blog for the first time, this post continues a story from the previous post. So you might want to read that first.

So after flirting with Rose, she and her husband left. But I got a nice smile all the way out. I called her the next day.

She was married, but she thought I had a great smile. She thought I was good looking. part of that was that I was over ten years younger than Rose. But I have a serious thing for older women. Rose was about 45 years old and slim with a great ass. And for her thin frame she had a great set of tits.

After we talked for a while, I asked if she flirted like this alot? I found out that she fooled around on her husband some. After probing for a bit, I got some details. It turned out that Rose liked phone sex. Well, me too. She loved the idea that I would stroke my cock while talking to her. She would get wet talking to me. Her husband worked days, and I could call her then. She loved for me to come when we talked. She wanted details. Was it hot? Was there alot? Did I shoot far?

I would always ask what she was wearing. She usually put alot of thought into her clothes, including her underwear, so she liked to tell me. She would follow my directions. She would rub her mound, pinch her nipples unzip her pants to my commands. She would get wetter and wetter.
I think she always told me that she climaxed whether she did or not. And that was okay. Either before or after sex talk, we would just talk. She loved to talk, and I would listen. Most of it was hum drum stuff, but some of it was sex with hubby or other boyfriends. Eventually, she told me where she lived and asked me to visit.

More about that later.

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