Happy 43 to me!  

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1/4/2006 5:01 am

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Happy 43 to me!

Today is my birthday. [Insert appropriate music here!] Most of the time that is no big deal. I'll have a party. I do it like the Hobbits. I give a gift or two to everyone coming to the party. After four decades, looking for something to make your loved ones happy is way more fun than getting gifts for yourself!

Anyway, like I said, a birthday is no big deal. Except here. I come online and PTB (Prepare To Blog) and I am faced with a quandry. My handle is Mr Teacher 42. But I am now Mr Teacher 43!! I have changed my handle before, but I don't really like doing that. So I will stick with this one. Even though I guess for a while that will bug me.

No morning send off in the sex department today! If you read my post from yesterday, you would know that that would have been three in a row. A trifecta! Not that I was surprized. That is the reason I frequent this site. We have very different drives. But everything else is fine in our relationship. So I am trying to manage. Sniff.

Just kidding!

I feel like writing a sex story, but the students will be here soon. So it will need to be quick.

A few years ago, I was grading papers at an Arbys restaraunt when a slim pretty blonde sat down across the way with her husband. She faced me and he didn't. After catching her eye a couple of times, I gave her a big smile to let her know I was interested. Getting an answering smile, I kept making eye contact.
At one point, I got up to get a refill and as I was before I sat down I waited until she made eye contact again and i rubbed my crotch and then sat. The smile got bigger. She got up to go the bathroom and I followed her. As the bathroom was down a short hall out of site to her husband, I had the chance to ask her her name and get her phone number. And a fast kiss. She could tell I was hard.

More later!

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