The Truth is Good for the Soul  

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7/29/2005 4:32 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The Truth is Good for the Soul

Well, MrRoarke has been stumped again. What is it with me? I'm a freakin' magnet for those that desire to mislead.

I just found out one of my 'chat buddies' is a bi-male!!

Profile name on hooie is mwfindy2002. Now, what part of that screams male? Also, check out the pic posted.

The story weaved over the course of several weeks was that of a 'soccer mom' seeking oral pleasure. We had hooked up in one of Yahoo's Chat rooms fro my local area, Indiana.

Since, we have had many of online chats and me cam chatting while stroking off. Throw in the fact that there were 4, yes count them 4, botched attempts at meeting.

At first it was my fault because I was late, then the husband came home for lunch, then couldn't find the park and finally, then it was cold feet.

We even got into it because of issues like 'never done this before' and 'first time' and so forth.

Then to find out that no attempt had ever been made to meet, just a game being played.

So, once in a while, I'd send off an chat message about how I missed stroking for her and so forth just to egg her on.

Well, I must have hit a nerve or rather the guilt nerve at some point because a response was just sent to me indicating that the person was in fact a Bi-Male!!!

The world we live in these days.

No wonder the youth get so easily caught up in bad things by bad people. Here I am, a professional businessman in suburbia, being taken for a proverbial ride in a stranger's car.

Pisses me off.

Just another day in MrRoarke's neighborhood.

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