The Case of Mistaken Identity  

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8/15/2005 2:33 am

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The Case of Mistaken Identity

Today, I found myself needing to relieve some stress. I typically frequent one of the Adult chat rooms in Yahoo.

The topic of the room depends on my mood. Today, I decided to go to the Fetishes room. It is interesting to read the posts and I was in a particular mood for a little video role play. Typically, I like to look for a younger girl or someone that likes playing with an older guy.

I often like to peruse the available live cams too. There was one that caught my eye. The profile was for a female from Ohio. I requested to view her cam and she accepted.

She was sitting on the edge of the bed still typing on her PC. She was wearing a mini skirt, a V-neck shirt which was pulled up to reveal her bra and cleavage. You could see her hair but not her face. This is fairly typical for close-up shots.

There were many guys instructing her through the main chat area. She laid face down on her bed and pulled up her skirt to reveal her nice tight ass. She was wearing a thong too.

She spun around and sat on the edge of her bed awaiting responses from the others in the chat area. I requested her to show her breasts.

I should state that she was a petite young lady weighing 110 or less. Her stomach was bare and was nice and tight. After some of the guys backing up my request, she pulled down her bra revealing her bouncing breasts. Very nice.

Everyone at this time was basically howling in the room.

The next request was for her to reveal her face so we may see what goddess had this awesome tight body. She adjusted the cam and revealed her face.

She had a 5-o'clock shadow.

Yep, you got it. She was a guy with tits. She was erotic but an a-typical Pre-Op Transgender. A-typical because of the 5-o'clock shadow. Most of what I have read about this culture, these ladies want to be everything female (smooth clean skin, no body hair and so forth) with the exception of the the cock. Thus the Pre-Op. Post-Op is when she decides to go all the way and has the cock removed and replaced with a vagina.

I was stumped. Felt extremely silly after I saw her face. Her body was very convincing but her face was the dead giveaway.


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