Second Fantasy Past 2: Nightmare on Elmstreet  

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7/24/2005 2:02 am

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Second Fantasy Past 2: Nightmare on Elmstreet

Well, the following week, I found myself in a similar situation. I had been online for several hours with no luck. Then I was able to connect with a younger lady with an interesting profile.

She said that she was a nurse and cared for the elderly. She sounded wonderful. I immediately was flooded with nurse fantasies and became hard with anticipation.

We seemed to hit it off and she was very horny as was I. We made arrangements for me to go to her house in a different city some 50+ miles away.

It was about 11:20pm when I left.

I should say that I hadn't seen a pic of her at that time. A Rule that I was instigated that night as a 'must have' from that day forward.

I spoke to her on the phone several time enroute and she sounded very sexy, horny and lively.

I arrived at her home around 1am. She lived on Elm St. Yes, I should have turned around after seeing it but I didn't.

She was standing under a porchlight and I couldn't see her face due to the shadow cast. Her frame looked fair to average as she stood there waving at me some 25 feet away.

As I walked closer, I had an odd feeling come over me. Can't explain it then but when I got to her she smiled real big and game me a hug.


She had no teeth!

Note to self, get the hell outta here!!!

Well, long story short...she wasn't a 'certified' nurse...and it wasn't her house...some old guy lived there and it was 'arranged' that she provided care for him. She also was a paper route 'girl' for additional money.

Did I mention that she had no teeth?

Well, she had teeth but not in the normal state that you or I would be satisfied to call them. They were grey and black. Kinda reminded me of a Sith (sorry for the geek relapse). I couldn't turn away, I kept staring but blamed my curiosity for the black velvet painting behind her.

She was horny. She kept pulling my pants down and was wanting to suck my cock. OMG! My cock was sending messages to my brain..."Make it go away, make it go away!"

I could not get it up. My cock had left the building so-to-speak. He was not coming out until he could see his shadow.

Well she then wanted to kiss. OMG! No fucking way. I then manuevered her so I could begin playing with her pussy.

Froma 3rd party view point, it was like watching a WWF match. She was making advaces and I would counter with a move...sometimes practically flipping her over and out of the way.

Well, soemthing a pic couldn't detect was the 2nd nightmarish part of this charming young lady...when I touched her crotch (she was wearing sweats) an odor released that could have shorten the War on Terrorism to a day. OMG!!!

She then uttered the most scary words ever laid upon my ears of 39 years, 'Eat Me Now! I need you tongue on my pussy. Eat Me!!!'

No fucking way. As I was sitting there, with my index finger growing green by the second and losing all feeling to that arm, I was thinking that I had to end this somehow.

I then picked her up and put her on the floor, doggie style, and said "I'm can't wait any longer...gonna fuck you like never before!!!"

Dropped her sweats and began the longest finger fuck ever. Well, it was only a few minutes but I swear I was 40 when I was finished! She came 4 times...oddly enough...with each time she burst into a moaning roar that could have awken the neighbors. I wondered about the old man upstairs.

When we finished. I thanked her for a great time and left. Never to darken her doorstep ever again and wondering it I should visit the nearest hospital.

I stopped off at a near-by gas station to try and remove the stench from my right hand. Soap didn't do it. Gasoline was my savior. I pumped some into the gas tank, removed the nozzle and proceed to release some onto my hand.

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