MrRoarke's Rantings...Pictures: Memorex or Alien?  

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MrRoarke's Rantings...Pictures: Memorex or Alien?

Lets face it, some folks just don't understand the purpose of the photo. It is to illustrate who you are, now or at the very least, recently.

I'll tell you what, I' have seen my hsare of 'aliens'. You say, "Aliens, now Mr. Roarke that sounds a bit harsh and unbelieveable". True, I don't mean little green guys but I do mean that the person I met wasn't the person in the pic. Ihave met some ladies on faith of their text description. Some say that that is just suicide. I would once upon a time agree but have found that the pics are as wortless of description than the good ol' formation of letters in sentences.

I'll take, "I'm 5'4", 155lbs, blonde hair, 38DD with a nice attitude: anyday over that same person's pic when they were a junior in college in 1974!

I had one gal whose pic was according to her only 6 months old and yet she was double the size of her former self. Get Guiness on the line...

Another gal had used either a fish lense or something to distort the plain of view. The angle of the camera, coupled with the dim lighting, the natural pully of the moon and voila! she was thin!! Not quite.

One gal stated that she was slim/petite. Now, I must the wrong image of what slim and or petite is because she was short and fat. Nothing getting around it. 5'0" and 170+lbs. Only thing petite about her was anything or anybody standing next to her (insert rim shot here).

One gal as mentioned in an earlier fantasy, I met her without description or pic and she was the hottest thing next to the sun. Perfect in every detail.

The best example thus far is one gal I had met that was, well, how can I put this delicately...she had no legs. There it had to be said. Now, her photo was of her upper body. She had a nice cammi top on with a push-up bra with a great pearly white smile and she looked great. She opened the door and there she was ironside. Not my ideal encounter.

I need to state that all of these ladies with the exception of one mentally unstable person (she is next) were all very nice ladies. I enjoyed conversation with each one of them. Sure, I would have never picked them out of a line-up but I was in some small way glad we met.

Now, I'm saving the best for last. I'm going to devote a separate Fantasy to her but for this entry she still needs to be mentioned.

She used a pic that wasn't even of her. In fact, she supplied multiple photos of this gal. Now, I realize that this isn't a new thing on AdultFriendFinder but in her case, she was IN the photo just not the gal that she said she was! Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs!!

Now, a brief word about my pic. That is me. My head has been digitally altered to include shades and the real MrRoarke's body. This pic is meant to draw positive attention and to show my humorous side. I do not walk the street with a white suit.

I have other pics that show my body and other parts if the attraction gets that far. The pic is supposed to grab attention. I have many and occasionally include the others with my emails but will never change my main one since it ties in with the theme (my marketing side coming through).

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