Hot Girl Fantasy: Biting My Ass Everytime...  

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Hot Girl Fantasy: Biting My Ass Everytime...

Okay, now don't get me wrong, I have met some very nice ladies and don't wish to cross them with this post. You know the saying..."I'm love to play golf (pic the activity near and dear to your hart)!"...usually means that person is not very good.

Such is the case here at AdultFriendFinder. Ever notice the profile names? Hotmama or Slim2none or luv2suku, al of which I just made up to make a point. More than likely these ladies end up being more like; Sweatymam or slopontop or luv2sukurtoenails.

I don't get it.

They gotta know that at some point in time youa re going to meet, so why the mytery?

One gal really through me for a loop. It was a good gag, a real hoot...only if I had known I would have love to played along RATHER THAN BEING PLAYED!

I sernt her profil and email. She lived about 15 minutes from me, body type was petite/slim and I liked her profile as a whole.

She replied to me with an email and so it began. About a month's worth of emails, phone conversations and online chatting. We had developed a bit of a friendship. Her voice was relaxing and she had a sense of humor. I had patronized her a few times for a photo and one evening about 2-weeks into the meet, she sent me one.

It was a group shot of about 12 ladies standing on a porch. They were all dressed up and were to go out on the town as a mock prom-type thing. So, they all had odd and funny dresses on. Then the question all males cringe when asked..."Which one do you think I am?" Gawd. If they all were ravishing beauties then there wouldn't of been a problem. But of course, there were quite a mix of people types and body sizes. Well, I paused and pondered the facts that I had so far...body type, hair color, likes/dislikes and chose the gal in the yellow dress.

'BINGO'! "That is me" she replied. Whew! I thought, dodged a bullet there. Well, over the course of the next few days she began sending me additional pics from that night but centered upon the gal in the yellow dress. She was very attractive and simple...but emphasis on attractive.

Now, guys, ever seen a porn site where there is a pic of this hot french chick sitting there urging you to call her (for a low fee of course). Imagine if you were to call her, no matter what the voice, you would imagine that voice in that body and then begin your fantasy. More than likely it is a mother of 8 from Kansas talking to you while smoking PallMalls. But that is part of the fantasy. It is not as is you are ever going to meet her so as long as you get what you need out of the conversation, blowing your load, then what is the harm.

Well, back to my story. I'll add another layer to this lady. She had just over come breast cancer and was in remission. This added a new realm to this woman's image and voice. We talked about suvival and her journey to win the fight against cancer.

Now, she began crying. The news that her cancer was back and that she had only a few months to live. Well, that was a major heart jerker. I wanted to see so many times. She brought up the fact that she was living in a town different than stated on her profile because she was planning on moving shortly when beginning treatment. The town she lived in actually was about 2 hours away.

This put a crimp on when i could get away to see her. She had suggested to pick a week and your day in the next month that we could plan on getting together.

We did just that.

Over the next few days we chatted about what we would do with eachother during our one time encounter. She wanted it to be the thing she remembered while undergoing her rigorous and painful treatment at the first of the year.

My heart just felt really sorry for her. I wanted to comfort her in any way that I could. As we kept chatting over the days sometimes 3-5 times per day, she finally told me a secret that has bothered her.

Well, the secret was that she was pregnant when she had the cancer and that she wanted to keep the child (carry it to term) but in order to do so it would jeopardize her health and the possibility of not being able to receive treatment in time.

She said that her boyfriend and the father of the child wanted her to get the treatment and that was the riff between the two. She wanted the child and he wanted her to live.

Well, she left her job and life to go and work in some 3rd world country to think things out. She returned to the USA and took a job in a small town and began her life again.

The baby had died a few short weeks afterwards and she said it is probably too late to get the treatment necessary to live but she is still going to get treatment in hopes that it will give her more time.

Well, it was time to meet her!

Our planned day was upon us and I drove the 2+ hours to get to her home.

A note about her home. She said that she lived with 2 other girlfriends and that was one reason for planning the encounter so far in advance. She wanted to make sure she had the hourse all to herself.

As I came within about 15 minutes of her town, she called me. She said, "I got a surprise for you!!". Well, let me just say, historically anything of a surprise nature has never really gone well for me so I was a little apprehensive.

I got to her address and pulled into the driveway. Out of the house comes this large gal skipping and clapping towards my car. The lighting there wasn't very good and it hwas been raining so my windows distorted my line of sight.

I didn't roll down the window because it was obvious that this wasn't 'Linda'. This gal then kept repeating, "Surprise!, Surprise!, Surprise" all-the-while-clapping and jumping up and down. She then stopped and said my name and 'Linda' in the same breath. I got out of the car and she said...

"Surprise, I'm pregnant!"

((My brain said: What the fuck!!))

Yes, dearest readers, MrRoarke2005 has been duped yet again.

We walked into her home and come to find out that her roommates were group home members. Doh! slightly and mildly retared citizens living together in a house consisted of 3 apartments. I truly believe that she too was one of the 'mrc's of this house.


AS I sat next to her in her downstairs apartment, I was taking note of all the exits both physically and mentally. My dick had left the building. there was no chance of getting him back.

She asked me if I was upset? I responded as any sane male would to an insane and neurotic psycho path..." is all good". She said that she had listed her profile in the local town and mentioned that she was pregnant and received many solicitations from 'wierdos'. Again, OMG!! What the fuck does she think or is she thinking...Gawd!!! The mess I have gotten into now.

She was horny and wanted to be fucked!

Well, pregnant ladies of the world, let me just say that i believe that during this time of motherhood that i think you are all very beautiful. it is something about being pregnant and the glow and the new life inside you that is very attractive. BUT. BUT...I can't imagine fucking somebody...thinking that my cock head would be bumping up against a little tykes' head. OMG!!!

What the fuck!!!

Now, I have read and done some research on the subject thinking that once upon a time I would be a daddy too and found that this is alright to do. No harm to the little bun in the oven. But, I draw the line on who's oven I'm messing with.

My wife. sure. I'll fuck her as she likes.

Another man's pregnant mildly retarded hoochie, well that is a whole different story.

We kissed a little and I ended up finger (more like fisting) fucking her until she gushed or her water broke...don't really know. I dashed before the paramedics (kidding) got there. I said that it must have been the driving or something...Mr. Head was not going to play tonight. She was okay with that and was satisfied with the action that she got.

AS I was driving home, I began to think of all the lies. No cancer, no lost baby, not the one in the pic, not living with girlfriends just other patients and so forth.

I got home about 4am and looked at the pics that she had sent. Low and behold, she was the one standing next to the gal in the yellow dress.

My ass still hurts.

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