Facing MY Body Type Reality  

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8/1/2005 11:44 pm

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Facing MY Body Type Reality

Well, it has happened. Mark it down, 2005. Yep, 2005. I turned 40 and I'm changing my body type to Average. Gasp!

Quite frankly, I've let myself go. Well, atleast my midriff. I work out 3 times a week plus shoot hoops for atleast 30 minutes 5 evenings a week but nothing to aid my abs.

The mrs bought me a gizmo to aid in my fight against the pudge. Sure, we have th AbRoller but that just seems too easy.

The gizmo is actually a torture device or perhaps ifI was writing a BLOG on ALT.com it would be a pleasure device. Anyhow, we have this chinup bar and these two looped deals provides the means to slide your arms into them for support and to lift your legs, touching your knees to your stomach and repeat. Or, if I was in college again, perhaps I would try an iron cross or something. Ahhh, yes, those were the days.

See, the bigget problem for me is not the reality but the memories. In college, I was a body builder. I trained 3 times a day alternating different target areas and so forth. No pudge anywhere. I clocked in 3% body fat, weighed 135 and could bench 225! Suffice to say, I could do so much more then than I can now. Hell, thinking about those memories brings me to a sweat!

Ohh well.

So, the bodytype wll be changed to AVERAGE.

That description just bothers me. I don't like being average. What person strives to be average? I remember in highscool striving or praying for 'C's, so perhaps that is average since it is in the middle of the scale.

Well, the plan is when my divorce is over, I will do a major overhaul and bring my body type back down to its rightful spot, Athletic.

Don't expect 6-pack abs, haven't had those since college. I'm not that ridiculous about it. I still enjoy too many Krispy Kremes (live about 200' from one), Ho Hos, Mt. Dew, ice cream sandwiches and yes, don't forget about this one, eating after 8pm. Habits are habits. I want to enjoy the time I have left and revealing the 6-pack isn't in the cards if I have to choose between them and the finer things in life.

I'll report back on this topic in 2-months.

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