Being On The Other Side...  

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8/10/2005 1:52 pm

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Being On The Other Side...

Well, I do understand how the other side feels now. This past weekend, I met a young lady from here on chat and made arrangements to meet fairly quickly.

We did get to meet until early in the AM due to a botched-up earlier meeting attempt. All was fine and I had her follow me back to my house. This was a new thing for me since I have always went to the other person's home. I'm currently separated and going through a divorce and am the one getting the house.

We got into the first room, the breezeway, and began kissing very passionately. I enjoy this part as much as anything. The heat and passion generated through kissing, touching and grouping eachouther is enough to blow a load practically.

Let me slow down a little, this girl was quite a bit younger than me (a first for me) and very attractive. If you have read any of my other BLOGs of group postings then you know that this was a welcome change too.

Top it all off, she was wearing a mini skirt without panties! God! The magnificent surprise of groping down there for the first time and finding not only a bare pussy but a sloppy wet one at that.


I then, being the gentleman that I am, gave her the nickel-dime tour of the Roarke-sters digs. The tour was cut short in the hall way when we continued our kissing and began tearing our clothes off.

She, as her profile states, is very oral and attentive. We made out way into the guet room and she got on her knees. Yes, it was open mike night at my house! She was awesome!

That is all I needed. Kissing, touching and oral received and then later given is a good night for me. I, however, felt that I didn't hit a home run for her. This is where being on the other side means. Like, my other enounters, I left them knowing that they were very well taken care-of but I was still wanting more. Either due to their gross physical attributes, their inability to relay the truth/reality of their currnt physical makeup or due to their lack of skills. Either way, I left knowing that I would go home and stroke-off to finish what should have been done by the other earlier.

Well, I hade to admit it but I get the feeling that she left with that same feeling. I enjoyed myself and think of those couple of hours fondly. I am not gross nor did I miss-represent myself since I did verify myself on cam. But, I do think that my performance was not up to par. PErhaps it was due to all the stroking I did in the previous hours or whatever...I don't know. I wasn't bad. Orally, I did the job fine. I had a mis-hap with a condom that rendered me less capable than before putting it on. I believe that this was the turning point of the evening. I then began enjoying her orally and believe that she it enjoyed it to completion but that is it. She left shortly afterwards.

Too, I tend to talk and joke when I am nervous and well, I found myself talking when I probably should have been sucking or kissing or fucking.

This too probably didn't help.

She was very kind but left.

She handled it very well. I posted a BLOG earlier about how mean people suck. Well, I don't know that she was telling me the 100% gods honest truth as to why she needed to leave but it was tastefull and well done. This is where honesty, gut wrenching honesty, isn't necessary. As long as the lie isn't hurtful now or in the near future then I think I'll drop that action in the 'Kindness' bin.

Well, she reads this...I want to say thanks and that I really enjoyed her company. I now know what it is like to be on the other side.

MrRoarke2005 51M

8/11/2005 8:53 pm

Thanks, valleyrat4.

Brutal is the decisive word. It is funny only because it is happening to somebody else. But we must laugh no matter what else risk a quick trip to the looney bin. Lets face it, a paragraph or two in the BLOG is much cheaper than seeing a therapist.

Not to insinuate that I have experience seeing a therapist, er, um. yeah, that's it. If you type it they will believe it.

Must keep typing.

Anyhow, it is all true. Every last word of it.

Thanks for the comment.

MrRoarke2005 51M

8/12/2005 3:34 pm

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