LUCY..... I'm Home!  

MrNuttz05 49M
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8/16/2006 9:51 am

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8/30/2006 11:16 am

LUCY..... I'm Home!

And if you know me, or even remember me for that matter, you all know that I would DO Lucy... She was hot! And any woman name "Ball" deserves 'Nuttz'! Let me tell ya', I have missed the hell out of some of ya' & others.... well! I am back. Luv me or hate me, show it....

rm_saintlianna 45F
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8/16/2006 10:06 am

DAMN YOU RICKI!!!!!! I missed you sooooooooooooo much

sexymamma662003 31F

8/16/2006 10:20 am

well well well look who came home.

gald your back i missed ya


dasher121 36M

8/16/2006 10:33 am

Holy shit the party is starting again!!! I may have to bring back FFA porno productions for old times sake! "the Nutt and dude box set" yeah thatll work

glad to see you back man, missed your perspectives, comments, stories, and the Greatest Nuttster of all time,


QueenofBitches69 46F

8/16/2006 10:35 am

OMFG!!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!! Holy SHIT!!!!

Jesus Man, What took you so long? Left me here all alone!

Who loves you nuttz?

Long story, e-mail me!

QueenofBitches69 46F

8/16/2006 10:43 am

[post 471120]

I think I'm gonna CRY, or piss myself I am so happy!

EroticaXTC 50F

8/16/2006 10:45 am

It's about time some sense returned to this place!!!
Welcome Back!!!{=}

spoldrtn812 51F  
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8/16/2006 12:37 pm

There's my KING we have so much catching up to do. Naturally right on time for my birthday! Call me Danny and Vangie are having a party this weekend! I need a date! Your kingdom has been in dire need of direction! Glad you're back!! I'm off work until aug 30th so let the games begin!!! I love you!!!!

Please, Sign my Guestbook Screw me!

Lemondrop15484u 54F
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8/16/2006 12:48 pm


(What the fuck is this shit..?? *rolls eyes*)

8/16/2006 2:02 pm

Welcome back you sexy Fuckard, You have been missed...Ready


waerlookin4fun 50M/46F

8/16/2006 7:54 pm

OMG!!!!!!!!! I log on tonight after work and what do I see that puts a BIG smile on my face.......NUTTZ is back, Geez what took you so long, I missed ya sexy man

lifeisablast333 54M

8/16/2006 8:50 pm

o-k....maybe I would do lucy also........the redneck

curious082385 31F
4925 posts
8/16/2006 11:41 pm

MR NUTTZ!!!!!!!!!!

How is life in AZ??
We've missed around these wild and crazy parts!

LustyTaurus 48M  
21253 posts
8/17/2006 10:51 pm

WB Nuttz!!

I'll put a check mark in the 'love ya' column...

AtomicArtist0 45M
6015 posts
8/17/2006 11:44 pm

dude! I missed you, man! You missed so much. now i can write some funny shit with you in it again. welcome back, my friend.

skyking412004 53M
5363 posts
8/18/2006 1:55 am

_____You do look vaguely familiar. Do I know you? Maybe I'm just Nuttz. No, wait, that's you. Welcome back old man. (Sorry I wasn't able to help you with your Ohio breakdown.)

MrNuttz05 49M

8/18/2006 8:37 am

Mag77 - Yeah! I knew you were thinking that... Congrats!

Saint - I missed you too luv... Give me some time to remember how to do the smiley kisses & all of that

Lips - You impress me with your lips & your breast. Please impress me more... Missed you too!

Sexymamma - Thank you sexy... You kept me afloat even when I wasn't on this boat. Thank you!

MrNuttz05 49M

8/18/2006 8:48 am

Dash - Back in the flesh my brotha... So you have had a retreat as well... It's good to hear from you my friend. Yes, we must bring the episodes back. GREAT COCK ALMIGHTY!

QofBitches - For all that it's worth, you put the biggest smile on my face. Now let me put something on yours! (lol) Who luvs ya Baby?

Erotica - I missed ya' too... But I did have a disturbing dream about you shortly after I departed the site. Do you own a pair of Gold handcuffs, by any chance???

Spold - Hey, if you are going to a party with Danny then NOBODY is going to be able to spend time with you.... Tell the gang I said hi & I miss them all. Especially YOU!

MrNuttz05 49M

8/18/2006 9:06 am

LemonDrop - YOU are calling ME sexy??? Then what should I call you??? TY...

Readytolay - TY for the love... Fuckard??? Geez, I know you were the kid that cursed @ Bible School, weren't ya'?

Lookin4fun - I missed my hugs from you too. You too kept my sanity while I was gone. TY... Now give me what I so desperately desire... (lol)

Redneck - I swear that I was you somewhere in Texas... Let's do Lucy 2gether!

Lemondrop15484u 54F
4816 posts
8/18/2006 11:04 am

I would say anything you want, but there's a few words I don't like lol. We could talk about it.

Mistress_Nessa 40F

8/19/2006 1:09 am

Welcome back MrNuttz, I've read some things about you. Look forward to getting to know you.

~ Nessa ~


RavishingRed1062 54F

8/19/2006 6:25 pm

The world is in harmony now... NUTTZ is back...

rm_saintlianna 45F
15466 posts
8/19/2006 8:17 pm

    Quoting dasher121:
    Holy shit the party is starting again!!! I may have to bring back FFA porno productions for old times sake! "the Nutt and dude box set" yeah thatll work

    glad to see you back man, missed your perspectives, comments, stories, and the Greatest Nuttster of all time,

I find it strange that you and Dash disappear around the same time, and then mysteriously start blogging again at the same time.

Are those wedding bells I hear???????? or is that just the dope kicking in

catseyes23 61F

8/20/2006 1:15 am

AtomicArtistSent me over. Welcome back!

Nina_Dee 61F

8/20/2006 5:42 am

Following the link from AtomicArtist.
Seems that you've been away for a while. Welcome back to the blogs.

methodman1000 40M
1775 posts
8/20/2006 7:42 am

welcome back bro.....

mm0206 69F
7767 posts
8/20/2006 10:23 am

AtomicArtistsays I should say welcome back


"Welcome Back...."

where the hell were you anyway?

have a great day!!

digdug41 49M

8/20/2006 11:55 am

Glad your back nuttz cyaroun mos def

roaming the cyber streets of blogland

moonlightphoenix 45F
6508 posts
8/20/2006 8:29 pm

I thought I felt the earth shake.

MrNuttz05 49M

8/21/2006 8:07 am

Curious - It's been awhile, darling... How is the 'Gatekeeper'? All is well here in AZ, gotta just keep my eyes on the road while driving... I swear if I make a left instead of a right @ the intersection I will be str8 dab in the desert in two minutes...

Lusty - My brother in arms, thanks for the luv... You know that I will be over there to chime in with you as soon as I get the sand out of my modem!

Atomic - Well, the devil himself still dwells in these parts, eh! It seems that thanks are in order for you as well, I see some ravishing beauts sent over by you, how thoughtful... And here's a NEWSFLASH! I would DO all of them....

Skyking - What's up big fella? Awe don't mention the 'Ohio Breakdown'... Afterall, I was leaving Michigan right? Have you been keeping out of trouble, Bro'? We shall chat...

MrNuttz05 49M

8/21/2006 8:16 am

Lemodrop - Your cleavage is 'calling me'...

Mistress Nessa - To begin with, the title 'Mistress' just gives me an instant boner... And with the boner the oxygen starts rushing to your private organ cutting off the supply to your brain which makes you *^%j$#)gh@##at&.... See what I am saying... Oh you are a hot one! To know is to DO!

Ravishing - During my journey I was sooooo close to you that I could have reached out & touched your left nipple... I wanted to so badly!

Lord Of Cocks - WOW! I have visualized you quite a few times, but DAMN, Saint... Aren't you the glamorous one.... Hmmmmmmmm???? Dash, what give here????

MrNuttz05 49M

8/21/2006 8:28 am

Catseyes - TY for that heartwarming message... Now I want you! Sincerity & desire are not translated well in my mind...

Nina Dee - Good Lord! Atomic, WTF???? Nina, I don't know where you are from, honey, I am only 'standard' @ this time. But with an ass like that you have got to be into a lot of corn fed products, eh??? Damn, I missed this place

Method - TY, my brother... How are things across the oceans? We must catch up... Question; You have got to know CPR, because I know a few of the ladies go into shock!

mm0206 - Oh I just had to move across the country, that's all. It's a long story but I promise to BLOG about it soon... TY for the thoughts... I luv a woman that get's str8 to the 'BOTTOM' of things, don't you???

MrNuttz05 49M

8/21/2006 8:35 am

looking1963 - TY for your thoughts. I promise to make you laugh, cum, or just piss you off. One of the 3...

Diggity - What's up!!!! Glad to see you still around my friend... I luv it when the ICONS visit... Sweeeeeet...

tipadee - Greetings... I am sorry about the shortage of full length pics of black guys. I will get on that right away... How have you been sexy??? Missed ya' too!

Moonlight - WOW! You remember me, eh? Irony has it that the moonlight in Phoenix is truly a sight to see.... TY!

TinaMarieXOXO 40F

8/21/2006 5:47 pm

MrNuttz05...OMG baby I missed you dearly! I have not been on here as often, gotten as wet, or have cummed as much since you have been gone (absent)....and honey, I missed your stories (Hall of Justice) LOL.....Welcume back sweets!

Who loves ya?! Tina Marie thats who

QueenofBitches69 46F

8/21/2006 9:32 pm

SOOOOOO When you gettin back into the MIX of things? I could get in a Heck of alot of trouble if you don't keep me out of it! LOL

OboesHonedIambs 62F

8/21/2006 11:19 pm

[blog Atomic] referred me; nice to meetcha. Welcome back.

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funintheday2006 56M
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8/30/2006 7:10 am

You've been here before, I can tell. I aint stupid you know. Atomic insisted I popped in. Checked some previous posts. You might even be mildly amusing. Ok, I liked a few. Watch list. Hi, Nutzz [image]

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