INticing Proposal....  

MrNuttz05 49M
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4/12/2006 5:25 pm

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10/9/2006 11:26 am

INticing Proposal....

Just when you think you are out of the door...

Shes HOT, isn't she? And, of course, the answer is, YEAH! I would do her... But am I? BLOGGERS, here is my situation; A cool guy is giving me the opportunity to have a sexual encounter with his incredibly sexy wife... Not too unusual for guys on this site, but here is the catch... They have a web site up & this encounter will be filmed & made into a DVD... Finally, Nuttz can be on the big screen instead of the small screen... Enticing But retirement sounds so good & is very near, do I fall victim to the 'Boogie Nights' syndrome, or will this be a one time affair?... BLOGLAND, MrNuttz needs you like never before. I had a chance, once to do the 'porn' thing... Here is another chance... Do I waiver on this one? Retirement.... Do a HOT wife & make a DVD.... Retirement.... Do a HOT wife & make a DVD... Thousands may get to see me in action. That is kind of scary... That's just one of the cons... Do I listen to the angel on my left shoulder or the devil on my right? Oh, what am I to do?
I put this totally into your hands. And NO, this ain't no fuckin' poll, I want comments! YES or No & why... I will accept your judgemnt... Really, I will If you say, 'Nuttz, don't do it!', then I won't do it Don't let these smiling icons fool ya'. Really, I won't do it! But if you say, 'Nuttz, do it!' Then, for your sake, I would be compelled to do it
I knew I should have just tiptoed away, but Noooooooooo, Nuttz always seem to do things differently.... Help a brotha' out... Retirement or extravagant Porno Production with a bombshell of a wife?

firestarter665 42M/39F

4/12/2006 5:43 pm

Isn't that the way it always happens!?! Usually I am the one inticing.

MrNuttz05 replies on 4/12/2006 5:49 pm:
FFA goofs again... I think your answer was up before my post was completed(lol) You ARE enticing...

rm_saintlianna 45F
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4/12/2006 6:01 pm

I dont want you to leave, I will miss you but I dont think you should be filmed either. Things you you do in your past have a way of coming back to haunt you in the future.

MrNuttz05 replies on 4/13/2006 2:17 pm:
Hi Saint, a haunting past is not a good thing... I hear ya...TY for commenting!
0-Yes 1-No

rm_art_persists 51M
1789 posts
4/12/2006 7:40 pm

Do it my man. You only live once....

MrNuttz05 replies on 4/13/2006 2:19 pm:
A 'man' has spoken TY for your vote...
1-Yes 1-No

rm_goddess1946 105F
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4/12/2006 8:35 pm

If you have to question it,
the answer is probably no.

Agreeing with Saint here...

Then again, the answer is inside of you...
and you already know that Nuttz or Not

Just a little food for thought.............
If you really want to be happy, nobody can stop you...

MrNuttz05 replies on 4/13/2006 2:21 pm:
Honestly, I haven't made up my mind... I do want to do the video thing but maybe I am not ready for this level... TY for the wisdom!
1-Yes 2-No

007sexy40plus 50F  
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4/12/2006 10:21 pm

Why does it need to be filmed? And I think there are lots of HOT wives that don't need to be publicized. I say find another bombshell wife to do that wont be filmed. Your Nuttz will thank you later.

But it is your choice so choose wisely and with careful consideration of the outcome. Never leave traces of things you don't want known.

I am the real deal! "Come Get Me!!!"

MrNuttz05 replies on 4/13/2006 2:23 pm:
I am here to listen... I want the views of all of you! TY, a vote for discretion
3-No 1-Yes

curious082385 31F
4925 posts
4/13/2006 12:49 am

Personally I would be a bit hesitant of a couple who make it an absolute condition that it has to be filmed. I would want to know why. If they were just saying..."hey, we would like to film it, is that ok with you?" then that would be different. But they are saying it has to be??

But that is just me. Like all the other women here, I'm gonna say that it's up to you. Just make sure that you are solid on your decision. Are you positive that you want something like that of you floating around out of your control?

MrNuttz05 replies on 4/13/2006 2:25 pm:
Gatekeeper, the condition is that it will be streamed on the website... So your point is well taken! The internet is out of my control for sure...TY
4-No 1-Yes

TheLilFondler 33F
2576 posts
4/13/2006 4:58 am

i am with saint i would have to say.... i dont want you to leave either sweetie!!! but when it comes to this ansewer it is yours to make sweetie... you are the one tht knows you best... you have to do what you feel is best for you... and we cant decide that for you hun *hugz

i lost my virginity years ago.....
but i still have the box.....

MrNuttz05 replies on 4/13/2006 2:31 pm:
Lil? Give me your advice? Throw away that "Politically Correct" crap & give it to me straight with no chaser, just like the Bush chic! TY...

(What the fuck is this shit..?? *rolls eyes*)

4/13/2006 5:52 am

Your an easy Man to look at for sure but do you really want everyone out there knowing you bed room business..??...Just a thought and not a judgment..Ready


MrNuttz05 replies on 4/13/2006 2:34 pm:
TY, Ready... Yeah! I feel ya'... Another vote for discretion... That's why I luv BLOGLAND And who said this was a SEX site?(lol)

MrNuttz05 replies on 4/13/2006 2:34 pm:
6-No 1-Yes

firestarter665 42M/39F

4/13/2006 5:55 am

The only thing I saw when I posted was "Just when you think you are out of the door...".

Go for the porn!!!!! Live everyday to the fullest!

MrNuttz05 replies on 4/13/2006 2:37 pm:
Yep! I knew something was fishy there...
Go for it, eh? You know that you are the 1st female to go that route? TY for coming back & checking me out. If I do this I will send you a copy.... Maybe?

MrNuttz05 replies on 4/13/2006 2:57 pm:
Oooops again!
6-No 2-Yes

TinaMarieXO 39F

4/13/2006 10:11 am

Now this is coming from me...I once turned down a "porn opportunity" (see my BLOG about those details)...anyways, I turned it down because I was just really starting out in my career (my day job), and lots of years of college, I went the legit route. Even if it was a "one time" thing, I just didn't want to take the "risk" at that time in my life.
It was just the thought of me being in the begining of thousands of DVDs/VHS tapes floating around the country...and with the proposal given (once again see my BLOG), my voice would be heard, and the camera no doubt set directly at my hiding there So, my decision was set sort of speak.

Now with you Nuttz, I will say this...that if your truly going to retire, why not go out with a bang!
Now,if you have no concerns on who and when someone could see you on these "potential" videos, then once again, why not just do it! If you DO, then DON'T!

I think this is something YOU can answer baby It could be a one time thing for fun, or it could haunt you...

There is my answer(s)

MrNuttz05 replies on 4/13/2006 3:01 pm:
TY, You know that 'Peter North' is my hero? I actually met him in Vegas, great guy! My imagination is running wild right about now
6-No 3-Yes.... Now we have a ballgame!

Vick_Demise 44M
2431 posts
4/13/2006 11:10 am

Well now, I say tell them you'd have to meet her in advance to see what she's like. If she's as hot and horny as she's supposed to be, coax her into a prefilm B.J. by some kind of shit like it will help you not cum so quick during filming. Talk dirty to her, get her to say she'd be your little butt slut or whatever dances across your mind. Cop your nut and then roll out with no footage. Chicks are always trying to control and fuck dudes over all the time, if you've got the power that you project, turn the tables and score one for the everyman!

Now, if that's not an option, then forget it. Don't go fuckin' some chick and have it get all over the public sector for someone else's mortgage payment no matter how hot she is. That is unless you're getting paid to turn her ass out. how much loot are we talking?

-I know it seems like I put alot of thought into this, but really I just copied and pasted this from Dr. Phil's website

You can shine your shoes and wear a suit
You can comb your hair and look quite cute
You can hide your face behind a smile
One thing you can't hide
Is when you're crippled inside

MrNuttz05 replies on 4/13/2006 3:05 pm:
(lol)As I pick myself up off of the floor to respond to your comments: Get the blowjob & run?(lol) Vick, I think.... No, I know, that only YOU would come up with a plan c... To be honest, I was offered something, but I didn't want to feel like a whore.... TY & Mr. Phil... I am going to take this as a NO....(lol)
7-No 3-Yes

zebra_buggy 31F

4/13/2006 11:41 am


Of course I think you should do it. What better way to beef up the old resume, right? Plus it's not as if this is something that could potentially come back to bite you in the ass or something. Yep! I say go for it! I don't find anything immoral or illegitimate about the porn industry. Where there's a market, there is money to be made. What have you got to lose? And if it doesn't work out you can always get into the Porn Star Relocation Program, adopt a brand new identity, and you'll be good to go. In fact I hear they can even surgically alter your ... deal, so no one will ever know.


MrNuttz05 replies on 4/13/2006 3:12 pm:
Give it to me, zebra... Now that's what I'm talkin' about! But this Porn Star Relocation Program? It's not going to have me paired up with H. Heffner, is it? But I was offered a mask during the production, what do you think? "Darth Vader FUCKS Back" (lol) I'm sorry....(lol) It's been a long day! TY....

MrNuttz05 replies on 4/13/2006 3:17 pm:
7-No 4-Yes

EroticaXTC 49F

4/13/2006 2:54 pm

I say no...because once you open that door and walk through it, you can never go back...Are you getting anything else out of this other than fucking a hot chick?....because they are...if its streaming, it's for their pay site...and you ain't getting what they're never know Nuttz, there might be a nutcracker in there somewhere!

MrNuttz05 replies on 4/13/2006 3:23 pm:
(lol) The ole 'Nutcracker'...(lol)You're good Yes! It is for streaming... I rebuked the benefits... Didn't want to feel cheap! Should I be cheap? OMG? I am a whore? Or am I? Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! Money + Sex = WHORE..... Doesn't it? Hmmmmm? Utter Confusion... TY for the mindgasm... Not exactly what I thought it would be... but!
8-No 4-Yes

MrNuttz05 49M

4/13/2006 3:43 pm


[size 6}RETIRE?
Things that dreams are made of... Could I ASSK for anything more?(lol)

RavishingRed1062 54F

4/13/2006 5:14 pm

I dont blame you for wanting to flim anything you do ( I KNOW how much your 'collection' means to you

BUT to film for public consumption that YOU do not control, that would be the 'CATCH 22' for me.

Find someone you can do this with and film... and YOU have control of the end product and it's distribution.

So... I'm a fence rider that leans to the left. Do it, but under YOUR TERMS... not thiers.

MrNuttz05 replies on 4/14/2006 12:00 pm:
Under my terms? So you are saying hold out? Or better yet, don't go 'mainstream' stay underground...? Sometimes the things that scare you sort of excite you... TY: But what in the hell did you vote for Was that a YES or a NO? And I swear that your nipples get more erect everytime I see them...

Vick_Demise 44M
2431 posts
4/14/2006 4:38 am

I have looked back at my life and realized that when I choose quickly and blindly it's a mistake. Like George Costanza, who did so well the time he did the exact opposite of his first choice, I've come to the conclusion that my first reaction was no. this of course means you should go for it. If you choose not to ask them if they've got a part with her for a plus sized don juan? I have collector's edition posters, t-shirts, luch boxes, and action figures all ready in production....

You can shine your shoes and wear a suit
You can comb your hair and look quite cute
You can hide your face behind a smile
One thing you can't hide
Is when you're crippled inside

MrNuttz05 replies on 4/14/2006 12:15 pm:
So basically what you are saying is that Mr. Phil fucked with your mind & manipulated you on your 1st vote? Now, how many people do you think he has done this to? Quick, someone better call 'Oprah'(lol)
8-No 5-Yes
or you could say 7-No 4-Yes, since Vick has voted twice! Once yes & once no!(lol)

SaucyNSassy 38F

4/14/2006 7:18 am

Wow, hon, you have tons of comments (none of which I have read because I am too lazy and running late) However, I will say...

It will come back to bite you in the ass one day (or the dick). If you have to ask us then you don't have peace about it. Something like this needs to be done w/ complete peace of mind. You are hot baby you can fuck anyone. This ho can find a ton of guys that will fuck her and I'm sure she has!!!(EWE! can you say STD?) Okay, just a reminder that condoms aren't a 100%. That's my advice.

Who luvs ya Nuttz Baby?


MrNuttz05 replies on 4/14/2006 12:20 pm:
TY, Sassy... STD is a BIG BAD word... You didn't hold back @ all there, TY for being direct & straightforward... Maybe I should count your vote twice TY...

MrNuttz05 replies on 4/14/2006 12:22 pm:
9-No 5-Yes

MrNuttz05 49M

4/14/2006 3:14 pm

H~N~B, Ooops... My alcohol tolerance must be really low today, I deleted your comment by mistake... I guess you should not drink on the job, eh? Sorry!

TheLilFondler 33F
2576 posts
4/14/2006 3:35 pm

my advice is becareful about offers such as this... i have gotten several offers like this one... and not all the couple recruiting porn stars are the real deal around here... there are a lot of strange rip off artists on this site... i am not saying this couple is but they could be... you need to make sure you know them well and know for sure you wont be taken for a fool number one... also make sure your not going to do something that will haunt you for the rest of your life... this is something you need to put a lot of thought into baby! it isnt something that should be an impulse... thats all i am trying to say!!! i dont want to see you screwed over in the long run... your a wonderful person and i am glad to say you have had my back several times!!! just be careful

i lost my virginity years ago.....
but i still have the box.....

MrNuttz05 replies on 4/15/2006 4:07 am:
TY, fondler, I checked them out. Spoke w/ both parties & visited the web site. They seem legit! She's a hot item on the 'NET', some good reviews & testimonials... If I proceed it will be with lots of caution... GOTCHA!
10-No 5-Yes

Sorceror07 54M

4/14/2006 4:01 pm

i vote for "i don't know" lol! gee... alot of help i am today eh?

do what you feel is right for you, either yes or no... if you feel it will be fun and fulfilling to be immortalized in such a way then yes, if you are afraid of the possible consequences then no.

it's not an easy choice to make.

...That which does not kill me merely pisses me off!...

MrNuttz05 replies on 4/15/2006 4:12 am:
'Black Magic'? Welcome... I think my decision is getting a little easierIMMORTALIZATION? Hohum... TY for your comments... Since I love the word 'immortal' which is widely used by my 'other' alternate ego, 'RASPUTIN', I will put you in the 'yes' column...
10-No 6-Yes

LustyTaurus 48M  
21253 posts
4/14/2006 4:39 pm

Hey man...I'd say "Think Long Term" but shiiit...get the sweetest money deal you can and do safe, you can always plead insanity later...of course you'll have to delete the evidence of premeditation...LMAo

also...need help..

It's about [blog purrykitty2]

bigknob1958...GET PURRY NAKED CAMPAIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




MrNuttz05 replies on 4/15/2006 4:15 am:
TY, I REALLY didn't think $ would be an issue here. But it seems that I must renegotiate the contract? You are right, I MUST delete this BLOG TY... I will assist you, no doubt!

10-No 7-Yes.... Hmmmmmm? Getting interesting


4/14/2006 10:40 pm

OMG I bet you did that on purpose!!!!! You hate me I know it! Now you have me crying here

Well answer what I put up!

Show me one Bitch you would not fuck!

MrNuttz05 replies on 4/15/2006 5:04 am:
You asketh & I will giveth... No holes barred! Here is one 'bitch' that I would not do.... troia1013... Would you like to know why? Let's just say that some guys *cough* I mean people, are not what they seem... Therefore, I give you, 'The BITCH I Wouldn't Do'...

pleasinglyplumb 52F

4/15/2006 7:01 am

Appears that the enticement is the big screen fantasy, yea she's hot but you doing a hottie is not the issue, is it. By the way what is it you're retiring from? Blogging, Fucking Hotties or AdultFriendFinder? I missed that Blog. Surprisingly, my vote is 'GO FOR IT' if this is what you want to do, but make it worth your while. sex + money does not equal whore, a whore usually gives it away, a prositute is the paid professional (lol). A word to the wise, I would be cautious of a 'cool guy' that prositutes his own wife, he's a pimp. You already regret a missed 'big screen' opportunity once upon a time and besides, I can have bragging rights ...yea I did him and he's all that and some. If you get called on the carpet for it, you can always denied it, denied it, denied it, like R. Kelly. xoxo

MrNuttz05 replies on 4/15/2006 8:07 am:
TY, Wow... Your comments here have Totally caught me by surprise... You hit on a good point that I had to think about, the fact that she is a 'hottie' doesn't have anything to do with it... You are correct! You are a pro in BLOGLAND already Retirement? Well, I am relocating to PHX soon, which will take me away from FFA. Permanently, I don't know? But I am contemplating retiring from meeting w/others for sexual encounters... YOU WANT BRAGGING RIGHTS!

MrNuttz05 replies on 4/15/2006 8:10 am:
Oh Yeah!
10-No 8-Yes


4/15/2006 6:33 pm

Guess what, I still luv ya no matter who all you wanna do! Just remember you may do them, But I would do you!!!!

MrNuttz05 replies on 4/17/2006 2:37 pm:
You doiing me...? I have never thought of it like that!

MrNuttz05 49M

4/17/2006 2:50 pm

Rendering My Verdict

First of all, let me thank all of those who commented on this mind-jarring campaign here in Nuttzville... It is close, but I have made my decision...

I have decided to hang on to my amateur eligibility & not partake in this pornographic production... So for the 2nd time I have tucked my tail in between my legs & have taken the high road... And what if I 'SHOOT A DUD'... What if I am on Porno Bloopers? Oh, that would be a death blow to the ego, dude.... For all of those who encouraged me, thank you... I am ready for porn, just not on the big screen... For those that cared enough to say no, I thank you for the honesty... As my 3 yr. old daughter would say, 'Keep your Privates PRIVATE!'...

dasher121 36M

4/18/2006 5:13 pm

DUDE!!!!! All of our blog porn joking, obsessions with porn, porn related activities and discussion! How dare you speak of retirement when you get a second shot and giving the shot!! The Big NUTT on the screen!! Go for it dude!!!!!

haha, actually that would be cool to be in the porn store late one night trying to hide my identity. When lo and behold, I see the NuttyNuttster on the shelf, Hot MILF fuckers. And its 49.99!

MrNuttz05 replies on 4/19/2006 2:41 pm:
$49.99? That is BIG TIME, Dude But this goes to show that the cock ring may be hung up for good... If I continue the 'DARKSIDE' of Nuttz will present itself... I have no idea of the power from the 'DARKSIDE'... TY Bro'...

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