Get Your Nuttz, Right Here!  

MrNuttz05 49M
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3/17/2006 5:31 pm

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3/23/2006 2:49 pm

Get Your Nuttz, Right Here!

The BIG announcements @ the BLOGMIES are coming up soon. It's a tall task & I applaud [blog citizen_five] for tackling such a huge task. I hope that all can take it as 'ENTERTAINMENT'. But on a smaller scope, I, MrNuttz, would like to hand out his own awards. So, before the big show begins, get your Nuttz, right here!

zebra_buggy She left an everlasting impression on me! She inspired the phrase, 'Great Moons Of Mercury'... Please AZZept this award!

curious082385 Her thoughts transformed into words are extraordinary... Please accept this token of my appreciation!

AtomicArtist One day I was reading his BLOG & my monitor was blasted with gatorade. Why Art? Why? One funny brotha'... Speech, please, speech!

HOTNBOTHERED0414 My buddy... And YES! I would do her... A funny lady that just happens to be HOT, & somewhat bothered. Please kiss me before you get your 'Nuttz', right here!

RavishingRed1062 Simply perfect! Please notice the ERECT Nipples. And YES! I would do her! Please, bounce on up here & accept this award...

I haven't known him that long, but I love his topics. I really enjoy his BLOGGING... Please accept this award, sir!

Exotic, sexy, & she likes to grind... But more importantly, she is a FRIEND, & a cool person that fits her description to a "T". Come & get your 'Nuttz', girl! Come on up!....

LipsSayAll She is one of the sweetest females on this site... But don't sleep on her, she can get fiesty Beautiful & sweet! Thank you for BLOGGING with me... Your award awaits you...

Sorceror07 I love this bro'. He hits you with BDSM, music, fashion, & much more. A pleasure to BLOG with you my friend... You are 'NUTTZ'...

tillerbabe And YES! I would do her! She brings BDSM to new heights... I applaud you for sharing your thoughts & expereinces. Your 'Nuttz' await you!

dasher121 Since the beginning the 'Dude' BLOG has inspired me. I love it because it is raw & true. He can turn a everyday event into something to BLOG about. And besides, he's just a cool bro'... Your award awaits you, GoldenRod!

Life is funny. Vick & I share a lot of similarities, & if we were close to one another there would be a lot of empty beer bottles around He's one cool dude, gotta love him... Please accept this award...

saintlianna Her eyes seem to just go right through your soul, don't they? But she is the warmest person that you would ever BLOG with... 'Nuttz' to the Mistress OF BLOGLAND...

TinaMarieXO And YES!

I have lots of friends that I have come to know & like here in BLOGLAND... I hope that you ALL found this entertaining... That's why we are here, right? Who loves ya? Nuttz does that's who...

All comments are welcomed!

Sorceror07 54M

3/18/2006 11:21 pm

being awarded the "nuttz" is an honor thanks!

and for my favorite screen writer/director/producer it's....(drum roll please!) MrNuttz05

*and the crowd goes wild!!*

...That which does not kill me merely pisses me off!...

MrNuttz05 replies on 3/19/2006 12:48 am:
Aha... TY, my brotha'... As the crowd continues to go wild...


3/18/2006 11:44 pm

OMFG, I made a fucking list? I thought I was gonna go my whole blogging life and never make a fucking list! But wait, you wanna do me? How, when and where? Details man details!!!!

MrNuttz05 replies on 3/19/2006 12:49 am:
OH... The 'list' you have made
Let's talk backstage, shall we?

Kaliedascope61 41M
4084 posts
3/18/2006 11:46 pm

ahhh some of my favorite blogs too

MrNuttz05 replies on 3/19/2006 12:50 am:
Yes! They are good... TY for posting...

digdug41 49M

3/18/2006 11:49 pm

some great choices here nuttz and I will peep the ones that I have just seen around

roaming the cyber streets of blogland

MrNuttz05 replies on 3/19/2006 12:51 am:
Do that digdug, I recommend them... I will be seeing you on your highly popular BLOG! TY, bro'...


3/19/2006 2:42 am

I am waiting, on my knees, with anticipation!!!

MrNuttz05 replies on 3/20/2006 2:46 pm:
H~N~B has been arrested for lewd behavior in a public place... Geez, check her sheet dude? We are in our 20's

spoldrtn812 51F  
1056 posts
3/19/2006 7:36 am

AAAAAWWWWWW, I feel soooo special. Thank you, I appreciate you!

Please, Sign my Guestbook Screw me!

MrNuttz05 replies on 3/20/2006 2:51 pm:
Allow me to do the feeling... TY!

TzarsAmuseChant 41M
2854 posts
3/19/2006 8:02 am

sweet. Nuttz for everybody!

MrNuttz05 replies on 3/20/2006 2:52 pm:
I will drink to that

007sexy40plus 51F  
7603 posts
3/19/2006 9:11 am

Very nice list you have there, my Nuttz, I mean MrNuttz.

I am the real deal! "Come Get Me!!!"

MrNuttz05 replies on 3/20/2006 3:06 pm:
Why TY... I didn't know that you were you until a short time ago... I will be there to visit, for sure! TY again for BLOGGING w/me.

TinaMarieXO 39F

3/19/2006 2:33 pm

I made the list!!!!

Very flattered indeed

MrNuttz05 replies on 3/20/2006 3:40 pm:
Yes, you did... Now, you need to start a BLOG

BBbikerbabe6969 51F
37 posts
3/19/2006 3:37 pm

I followed the Yellow Brick Road, and HOTNBOTHERED led me here. You are very funny!

MrNuttz05 replies on 3/20/2006 3:45 pm:
TY, love to have new friends visiting... I do hope you enjoy. Usually, HOTNBOTHERED friends have big boobs, big mouths, or both But it's cool! She is one of my favorites...

RavishingRed1062 54F

3/19/2006 6:26 pm

"You like me... You really, really like me! On behalf of myself, and the 'girls', I would like to thank everyone who helped put us where we are today, on the Nuttz Awards. "

(I would never be able to thank all the men and women who have sucked and licked these nipples to the semi-erect constant state they stay in... LO

MrNuttz05 replies on 3/20/2006 3:48 pm:
Things I think you excelled in;
Breast Feeding
The Breast Stroke
Wet T-Shirt Contest
Being groped

Just my opinion...

zebra_buggy 31F

3/20/2006 5:09 am

Many thanks, nutzz! It's the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Now I can get back to concentrating on that pesky Nobel prize.

MrNuttz05 replies on 3/20/2006 3:50 pm:
Well, if the Nobel Peace Prize is given in the study of 'Bootyology' you have a leg up on everyone. TY J-Lo for BLOGGING w/me...

dasher121 36M

3/20/2006 8:38 am

well thank you very much NuttyNuttster.

Def have liked your blog since its humble beginnings. And now look at you, posting all of the time, your posts get better by the day, some great ideas have come from here, and def have a friend of friends on here.

The Dude.

MrNuttz05 replies on 3/21/2006 2:45 pm:
You are the 'DUDE' TY for BLOGGING w/me bro'...

LustyTaurus 48M  
21253 posts
3/20/2006 2:15 pm

Hey man, thanks for the honor, VERY unexpected and gratifying. I enjoy this place huge. You've got a great blog, I enjoy it very much.


MrNuttz05 replies on 3/21/2006 2:46 pm:
TY for accepting this awardHope you keep stopping by...

rm_saintlianna 45F
15466 posts
3/20/2006 4:21 pm

Mr.McNuttzzz, I got an award *sob* an AWARD!!!! *tears running down face* AN A-A-A-A-A-AWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* I like over-acting, thank you very much.

MrNuttz05 replies on 3/21/2006 2:48 pm:
TY, saint for visiting & being the pillar that you are here in BLOGLAND... My token is echoed by many!


3/20/2006 9:42 pm

Hey Mutha I made bail!!! Now lets get back to doin what it was we were doin!

MrNuttz05 replies on 3/21/2006 2:49 pm:
Yeah! I would do her...

TinaMarieXO 39F

3/22/2006 5:56 am

Favorite pic....PERIOD WOW Nuttz!!!

Thank you baby

P.S. We both know why you love "it" so much too

.....can you say "cum shower"

MrNuttz05 replies on 3/22/2006 2:05 pm:
I am soooo PORNOgraphic

AtomicArtist0 45M
6015 posts
3/23/2006 11:30 am

Damn! I leave blogland for a few days know...get all freaky-deaky with my bad self and I come back and not only have I been voted the funniest male, but I get a Nuttz Award! Thats fantastic! Thank you, bro. I'd like to think that if you and I were closer to each other there would be plenty of empties around.

I feel honored that you blaster gateraid on your monitor while reading my work, and don't feel so bad. I've also been known to my monitor from time to time.

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